Kawasaki D tracker parts in Thailand - please help!


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Aug 7, 2011
Hi there,

My brother and I rented a couple of kawasaki D trackers, unfortunately my brother slipped and fell, scratching a bit of fairing, a mirror and a brake pedal. The damage was pretty minimal but the guy we rented from now wants nearly 19,000 baht for the repairs.

I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere online where I could get a parts pricelist for these in Thailand? We are happy to pay for the damage done but this seems ridiculous. Ive been searching google but haven't managed to find any Thai pricelists?

The only saving grace is that the document I signed saying I would pay by their terms I've managed to get back, so my hope was to work out the price for the damage and pay him fairly.

I paid for far worse damage to a brand new CBR 250 before in Thailand, and the total came to 3000 baht. Im just trying to find some way of proving the cost of these parts to him and myself. I just need an online parts pricelist.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Many thanks


Sep 4, 2007
You are right that the parts cost will be much nearer to the 3000 baht you paid for the Honda. Unfortunately I do not think you will find an online parts list. The prices are readily available from visiting Kawasaki dealers which are in most larger towns here. If you are not in Thailand any more it is possible that someone may have bought these parts before and may post a price. The rental shop will know he is being unreasonable and will probably negotiate with you even without a printed price list. It is very unlikely that the shop would replace the parts for minor scratch damage. More likely they would pocket the money and clean up the scratches. Good luck and it may be useful when you conclude this to update us with what happened and name the shop so others are aware of their service ethics


Dec 6, 2005
Hi Steve,

Maybe you can tell the shop you will only take the bike to a dealer, and pay the dealer bill plus the daily hire rate while the bike is in the shop. (don't tell him which shop, or even better, tell him you know someone in a dealer in another town so he can't fix things with the dealer behind your back).

As John said, what he is looking for is cash and will probably never fix the bike. The shops make a large proportion of their money from damages payments. So this way he is getting doubly screwed. You will pay only a low price, and he gets none of it. This will give you good negotiation the get the price down.

Is this in Chiang Mai? or some resort town with their dodgy bike shops?



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Aug 7, 2011
Thanks for the replies.

Yeah I'm in Ko Pangan, rented plenty when we were up in Chiang Mai with no problems. Stupidly let our guard down a bit, agreed to rent the bikes from our guest house but it turned out they belonged to a dogey shop.

Yeah I think I'm going to try to get it repaired elsewhere, we have already tried to negotiate this but the guy is refusing - he can't let me take a bike that has been dropped apparently and he will not let the bike be repaired elsewhere as 'he only wants genuine kawasaki parts'. A little stuck at the moment, we are refusing to pay but they have my passport.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
If They don't have a Kawasaki Shop on Samui catch the Ferry over to Surratthani and pick them up? I would think they have a Kawasaki Shop there but find out first? There and back in a Day and Job Done!


Dec 27, 2007
I hate those scam artist rental shops.

Genuine OEM D-Tracker parts are shockingly cheap here in Thailand but there is no online price list that I'm aware of.

Your best bet is to call one of the Kawasaki big bike dealers to get a quote on the parts- I recommend REAL MOTORSPORTS as they have English speaking staff: 0-2728-1605

Good luck! 19K baht is taking the piss!!! (>.<)