Kawasaki Enduro August 2014 - Report

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  1. What a great weekend again with Team Green.
    Really top people and as usual a great event.

    Met up with Leif and his mate Saturday for the training.
    That is always great.. Learnt something new.. How to get the bike and front wheel over the ditch.
    Much easier when doing it the right way!

    Start off with a short clip.
    Unfortunately.. Leif, Mike's Go Pro's fogged up.
    Mine was OK for the first half of the lap then a big splat of mud from my own front tyre!

    The first part is the 250 class race, the second part is the mayhem of the open class.
    As the old saying goes.. Save the best till last ;-)

    More pics to come...

  2. G'day All,

    What a ripper ride.. as you can see. The Open Class is not for the faint hearted.
    The 250 boys don't hold back much either..

    Saturday was training day.. Which I really enjoy.
    This time a different instructor.. Seemed to get straight in to it and then on to the rocks and jumping gutters.
    He must have had a hand in designing the course for the next day!!.

    I must admit.. The first time I rode in to attempt these rocks.. I turned away at the last minute.
    Then went back and had another go.. 1 out of 3 made it across.

    Only a few of us had a bash at this.. I was not keen to keep trying either.
    Leif has a great crash sequence where he flew over the handlebars


    You are suppose to come in.. Ride up where the rear tyre is in this pic above,, then graciously ride across the three rocks coming off the other side on the smaller rocks.

    My one success was more dumb luck and out of control nearly taking the tree out on the other side.

    Then on to getting over the gutter.. Great to learn this and came in handy for the race.
    No more slowing down and doing it all the wrong way.

    Over at the top.


    Turn around with out hitting the palm tree and go across again at an angle.


    This is one I will be putting in use more and more.

    Also had some good practice spinning the rear tyre on the muddy tight and twisty course in-between the palm trees.

    Trying out different parts of the course for race day.



    Few more pics from race day to come.

  3. Here are a few snaps from the race from various sources and used with permission :)

    Mike and me at the starting line.. They drew numbers for placement.. There were two lines.
    This is the only time in a long time.. I didn't want to win.. last thing I wanted was poll position LOL

    Let the fast guys go first then try and catch up..





    Paul and Leif


    Off and racing.. I don't think Mike and I expected to be out in front !


    It is all one big blur LOL


    Traffic jam.. Guy on the right stuck.. Me battling to get out over the rocks




    Got stuck here on the practice day.. nearly went over the handlebars.


    Me No 29 waiting for the rocks to clear


    Mike blasting


    My turn to blast


    How my race ended..
    After 3 attempts to blast up the rocks.. and finally getting up..
    Then stuck in this mud half way up the bike.. Lesson learnt.. don't stop because the person in front did.. Blast through or around.


    Leif has some good pics and so does Mike.. If I see any more around will ask if I can share on GTR.

  4. Sensational - you city slickers are really getting into it.
  5. G'day all,

    Next kawasaki enduro end of August.

    Below from the marketing manager. If you want to stay over night.

    " If you want to join Kawasaki Enduro Course and want to stay over night. Please contact directly to Khun Toi for room booking at number 081-940-1026 "

    Event Details




    Trent and Jake are planning on attending..

  6. Here is a short clip of the training day at the last Kawasaki Event.

    As you can see.. A good day and well organised

    Here is a short video of the KLX 250 race.

    Again a good crash and nearly took Jake out.


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