Kawasaki ER6 Hyperpro Suspension kit + other bits

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  1. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Do you want to sort out the handling on your ER6? This'll do it:


    Hyperpro adjustable shock and progressively wound fork springs. This kit has got less than 10,000km on it and is a take-off from a bike I just bought to rent.

    Red Baron charge 29,900B for exactly the same kit (OK, you get a bottle of fork oil too).

    Red Baron product listing:


    My price is 18,0000B

    Also, Barracuda plexiglass screen to bling up the front end of an ER6-N and increase wind protection. Price in the US is $165 (4,800B). My price is 3,000B

    Kawascreen. 13092011055.

    Lastly, a set of wider than stock Renthal bars with end weights and risers. Not sure of the original price so I'm offering them at what I think is a bargain of 1,800B for the set.


    Prices are for the items personally collected here in central Chiang Mai. If you want me to post it elsewhere, the cost will be whatever EMS charge and not a satang more!

    Call Jeff on 0850337575 or if you are in Chiang Mai come and view at Tony's Big Bikes, Ratchmanka Rd.


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  3. asyatriz

    asyatriz New Member

    Hi there, I'm from Malaysia and I really interested to buy the ER6N Barracuda windscreen. Can you deliver to Malaysia and how much will it cost? Is it genuine and comes in box? Thanx.
  4. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Hi Asaytriz,

    Without going to the P.O and getting it weighed I can't tell you how much to post but I estimate less than 500THB. It is a genuine item but does not have the box as like I said, I took it off an ER6-n I just bought. It does come with the necessary mounting brackets.


  5. asyatriz

    asyatriz New Member

    Hi Pikey,

    Thanks for the reply. Do you still have the instruction manual? Any scratches?

    And how can I pay to you? Paypal maybe?

    So how much you estimate for total both Barracuda screen and the shipping cost in MYR?

    Thanks again
  6. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com


    All parts sold as a job lot to a mate last night. Thanks for looking.



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