Kawasaki Estrella 250 -- aka BJ250A

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  1. Call me a glutton for punishment but I have bought back my old Kawasaki Estrella 250. It's a bit worse for wear and the lack of attention bestowed upon it by the previous owner, but I like the bike and it's great for bombing around the red roads around our village. Good plus is that the misses can ride it too ( something which she couldn't do with the ill - fated CRF ). There was a rumour that this model was going to be introduced into Thailand this year, Kawasaki having produced the model for over 20 years now, but nothing so far.

    I need some ' bits ' for it because I feel like stripping it down, having it painted etc which should be interesting because I can take things apart easily enough, but always feel unsure when I put them back together. I called in to MPS Kawasaki in Korat on monday. As soon as the parts guy heard the model number he became ' not interested ', but the sales girl who had taken me through to the service and parts department pushed him a bit and I got an address and phone number of Kawasaki in Bangkok. I've yet to try it but I think this is just the main showroom there.

    Unfortunately in Isaan, we are nor blessed with many bike shops ( I live near Buriram ) as it would seem you riders up in CM are. Does anyone know of a decent bike shop anywhere where I can get bits for the bike ? I was told about ' Burning Shop ' in CM who can bits from outside Thailand, but this was in relation to my old Honda GB400TT. I know I'm going to be up in CM for a week in December so if I can get all my information sorted by then, I may with your help, be able to get what I need. Incidentally, the ' bits ' I need are a rear sprocket and chain, a new clutch assembly and hopefully a new front mudguard. Original handlebars would be nice as would a pair of original mirrors but these latter two are not so important.

    I also need to sort out an electrical problem with the neutral light remaining on at all times. Obviously someone has had a go at altering the wiring at some stage. Franz reckons to re - wire the bike but I really feel this is beyond my scope, but then.......

    Any information however useful would be gratefully received.....and yes, I know, I really needed my brain testing to have even ventured into owning this bike again.
  2. Can't help you with getting parts; I just wanted to say that I've had an eye on the ol' Estrella for years.

    It's one of the few Japanese-made bikes that has an undersquare engine featuring a 66mm bore and a 73mm stroke (2.6x2.9 inches).

    The air-cooled two-valver is no power house but may just be perfect to putter around town with.
  3. Personally I think it is a great little bike if only you could source parts here. I'm getting most of my parts from the UK ex stock. I just have to wait for a mate to come over who brings them for me. I read somewhere earlier this year that Kawasaki were going to start importing them into Thailand this year but no-one seems to have seen any. It can't be a bad bike since Kawasaki still make them, a production run of some 22 years now.
  4. Hi Mick, as stated before, there's Nut at Pistonshop I can recommend, Joe the German would be another option, just look at the post re CNX bike shops as he has relocated to out of town.
    At an age of more than 20 years these cables won't stand too much flexing anymore and the insulation break easily therefor my recoomendation to rewire all, and the fact that they have been 'Somchai-ed' with make this a real necessity. First of course is to get the original Wiring diagrams and a trustable repair manual. Never did touch any of me bikes without these downloadable helps.
  5. Hello Franz, yes, both the wife and I have been in touch with Nut and I am just waiting for a reply from him to see if he can get the wheel hubs chromed. If not, I'll get him to paint them before he re-builds the wheels. I've also asked him if he can sort the dents out in the fuel tank and then re-spray the tank and side panels. The clutch plates will be here next month, I've bought them in the UK and a friend is bringing them out. If and when the wheels and tank etc are off the bike, I'll tackle the re-wire so I'd better get busy searching for the wiring diagram.

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