Kawasaki KLX250 or Honda CRF250 ?

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  1. I've seen from various postings and bikes for sale that the northern lads are well up on their off-road bikes, so I'd like to ask the following question. I've been thinking ( for far too long ) about buying a Kawasaki KLX 250. Now I've seen the Honda CRF250 arrive in the showrooms which means I'll be thinking for even longer. Just which is the better bike ? Price is not the issue but the Honda does come in some 20,000 baht lower than the Kawasaki and dealers are far more numerous. Any and all comments will be gratefully received.
  2. Have you checked the Honda Big Bikes' threads yet?
  3. Perhaps you could try renting one of each on 2 consecutive days and see which one works better for you
  4. I thought there where already a couple of comparison threads running. I love my KLX but the seat is a bit too high for me. I'm 5' 10" but I guess I have small legs. I heard the Honda was a bit lower.
  5. i just bought a CRF and its great fun for easy off-roading/ trails, i really only bought it for off-road but was suprised how much fun it is on the twistys so will be definately be using it more on the road as well.

    A guy on Thai-visa did a pretty good comparason and the CRF seemed to be all round better (although it was against his 3 yo KLX)....I went for the Honda because as you said it is 20k cheaper...although even if they were simliar price i think i would still opt for the CRF as i think it looks better :)
  6. Hello i thinking about buying the crf 250l when i go to pattaya in about 2 veeks.. are ther some ppl driving trails in the area? i am all new to this so want to start riding. ned somthing els than drink all the time.. i live a litle bit down the siam ****ry club road, i see some ppl say thay have a litle bit in the area around the lake or close to bira.. would be grate to have somone to go with to... u have to wait when u buy your bike or u get it the same day????
  7. Hi, My wife and I are out most days riding, I have a KLX250 and she rides KLX140. There are plenty of tracks all around Pattaya, dirt roads, sand, single track up in the hills at Khow mak Keow. If you need some instruction or help I would touch base with this guy www.tracksntrailspattaya.com

    I think there are a group of guys who meet up at one of the 7/11's on Soi Siam Saturday or Sunday mornings, have a look on ride asia dot net there is a thread about Pattaya trail on there as well.
  8. Ok sounds good.. thanks. :D
  9. Kawasaki took the risk and successfully introduced 250s to the Thai market; Honda was watching and then decided to undercut Kawasaki.
    The lower price, the fact that it's a Honda (Kawasaki has only about 2% of the market) which means a better resale value and more dealerships clearly make buying it a no-brainer for most riders.
    A small minority shells out more money for the few advantages the Kawasaki has.

    Won't be long and Honda will take the 650cc business away from Kawasaki, too.

    Unfortunately the KLX150 doesn't sell too well. If it did, Honda probably would produce one using the brilliant CBR150 FI engine - that would be something I'm interested in - an 18hp CRF150L for 80,000 THB!

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