Kawasaki Ninja 250 R


Oct 2, 2008
I got the Ninjette since the launch, was buyer # 1 from Pattaya and I just wanted to share some experiences with it.

First of all it is a nimble bike which is very easy to ride and control on road surface. It has enough power in stock to happily keep up with other bikers when you're alone on it. The brakes are amazing and it's easy to pull a stoppie and if careless lock the back tire.

Now after riding it a bit I hated the rear fender so I installed a Targa No-cut fender eliminator which made it look far better in my opinion. I also hungered for some more HP and installed the Area-P full exhaust system "quiet" core carbon fiber.

After the exhaust mod the bike has been a new bike, way more torque and much faster acceleration plus if careless way over redline happy. I can now ride with motorbike groups with my wife on the back not slowing anyone down. I cruised with Rayong Riders in 140 -150 ish with both of us on with more to give. Top with me and my wife is realistically 160 though now, which is enough. Have used it on some longish trips and I am a happy rider with no sore limbs really from it. So I judge it to be a nice cheap greenbook bike for farting around, do twisties and also tours on road with. Recommend it for anyone who is thinking about buying one.

Cheers Bard