Kawasaki or Honda for first timer?

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  1. Hi, this is my first post. I am going to do the 3 day loop out of CM in a few weeks. I grew up riding bikes, but haven't been on one in awhile. I am going to rent and wonder if I should go with the D-tracker 250 or the Honda super 4? I am tall and thin, if that affects things.

    I'd appreciate your comments on these bikes.

    Also, I don't own a helmet, so was planning on renting one there. Would a place like Mr. Mechanic have good ones with face protection and visor?

    Thanks for having such a great forum.

  2. Take the D-Tracker. (I'm 6'4")
    Mr Mechanic has it all.
  3. Two day rental on a Super 4 and a I had a breakdown; now 45,000 km's on D-Tac with no problems. Easy transition from riding dirt bikes as kids as the D-Tracker fits like small (125) dirt bike.

    In a couple of weeks you may be able to choose a new CBR250r for a rental.
  4. I can't comment on the D-Tracker, but really liked the CB 400 Four. But I'm only 5.7" (173 cm). No cramps, unlike with the Honda NTV 650, called Honda Bros over here. I would suspect the D-Tracker might feel underpowered at times. Mc Mechanic has a lot of newish helmets, one should fit you well.
  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. I went with the Dtracker and did the loop in 3 days. It was great, but really hard on the butt. Will try a different bike next time.

    Check out the pizza place in Mae Sariang. Nice american couple own it.
  6. I did 2 weeks on a Super Four and it fit the bill for what I wanted it to do. But I am only 5'-9" and I think anyone much taller would be a bit cramped on one of those things. But I hear you about the D-Tracker seat. My 40 something backside would have nothing to do with that for anything other than a grocery run.

    Next time the Versys is probably your bike. But IMO the hire shops have lost their entire mind charging 1500 baht/day. But prices are hanging tough, so people must be happily forking it over.

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