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Kawasaki versys faulty fuel pump.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by lkp73, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Hi, guys

    Anyone know what's the problem my 2011 versys have
    this loud beep sound come from the fuel tank normally the
    Sound will be very soft but my is quite loud until can hear clearly
    I thought is normal after 2 week my bike broke down can't
    start after went to the workshop the mech check and
    say fuel pump faulty they try to swap a new bike fuel
    pump and try it start again as normal.
    Can your guys know where can I get the fuel pump from
    Thailand and what's the price cos my side they don't have
    stock left. Thanks! I'm from Singapore. Lim
  2. mr friends fuel pump gave up when the bike (ER-6) was only 4 months old, you can buy a new pump at Kawakaki head office at Bangkok, Rama 9, open Mon-Fri 0800 - 17.40
  3. Thanks for your info.

    Anyway do you know what's the
    Price for the fuel pump.
  4. lim ,
    why not u buy from kuala lumpur since u from spore.kl have big branck kawasaki ..
    they have two japanese expert working there may be they can look on your problem and highlight to hq
  5. ummm if it's a 2011 why is it not getting fixed under warranty????

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