Kawasaki Z250 New Model now on sale!

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. TonyBKK

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    It's basically a semi-naked Ninja 250 but takes its styling cues from it's big brother, the Z1000.

    Priced at 151,500 Baht it's the cheapest Kawasaki 250cc available in Thailand.

    The Z250 is a naked sports bike with minimal body panels. It uses the same digital speedometer and analogue tachometer as seen on the 2013 Ninja 250R, only this time using a white dial for the tachometer. The engine and five-spoke alloy wheels have been given an all-black look just like the Ninja 250R.

    The Z250 uses the same engine as the 2013 Ninja 250R, a four-stroke, 249cc, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine mated to a six-speed gearbox. Changes in power and torque, if any, are yet to be revealed.

    The Z250 will also deploy the same frame, telescopic fork front suspension and rear monoshock absorber as seen on the Ninja 250R. The Z250 being a naked sports bike, ergonomics have been altered giving the bike a more upright riding position, with wider and 35 degree higher handlebars. Kawasaki have also gone ahead with a 29 degree change in rake for better handling prowess while riding around town and also claim to be 4kg lighter than the Ninja 250R.
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  3. TonyBKK

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    A few pics of the new 2013 Kawasaki Z250


    The Thai Stunt Team have already pimped one out-



    Let the Good Times ROLL! KawasakiSmiley2.jpg
  4. Changnoi1

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    I saw the bike today at the Kawa dealer in Khon Kaen .... a nice bike. I am considering it as my new bike, a bit smaller and lighter as the Versys. Handle-bar is still a bit to low for my feeling, but I assume there will be an handle-bar-raiser for sale. Then get rid of that ugly pipe, put an an non-DID chain and it is an fine bike. Not much seat-space for an duo-rider.

    And a bit a pity that the bike is still 168kg?

    Price 151.500thb

    Chang Noi
  5. DesmoNut

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    Has anybody bought one of these bikes and could give a bit of feedback on it? I've seen one or two in KK and it looks quite a nice little bike. Probably good for my riding , which is limited to day trips on back roads, almost never on main highways.

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