Khan Kean Bike Week

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  1. It's scheduled for September 3 r'd

    I don't have the details yet in English, we are planning on going
  2. Event Schedule

    Event location: Police Provincial 4 Training Center, Mitraparb Rd., Khon Kaen

    Morning session:

    09.00-10.30 Meet at Police Provincial4 Training center, Mitraparb Rd. Khon Kaen

    10.30-12.00 Caravan ride for kids to the school in Khon Kaen to provide playground and the stuffs. Need your support for book, stantionery, dry snacks, UHT milk and so on.

    12.00-13.00 Lunch together with kids

    13.00-14.00 Back to Khon Kaen bike Week for activity challenge : Gun shooting, tower jumping

    15.00-17.00 Join the largest motorbike parade of the year to town to support helmet law 100%

    Evening session:

    18.00-19.00 MC greeting and meet Harem band rock music

    19.00-19.40 Opening ceremony by Police Chief Commander Provincial 4 and the president of Khon Kaen Bike- Thailand

    19.40-20.00 Gift exchange among motorbike clubs

    20.00-21.00 Harem band

    21.00-23.45 Enjoy rock music from “Turbo”

    23.45-24.00 End of event

    Event location: Police Provincial 4 Training Center, Mitraparb Rd., Khon Kaen 09.00-24.00

    Ticket 200.00 Baht per person. Special free coupon for dinner&drink!

    Date: Saturday,03th Sep 2011 Meet the sexiest rock band - Turbo
  3. Hi Ray

    sound like it will be a great day it is a shame as i live in Khon Kaen but will not be back there till the 13th september so i hope that you all have a great day

  4. Thanks for putting this up, Ray23.

    However, the thread title is "KK Bike WEEK" yet only one day is mentioned. Do you know if there's anything planned for the other 6 days of the week? Is this Saturday event at the start or end of the week? I saw no publicity for the event when I went into KK last weekend and, if not for your post, I and many others might have been completely ignorant of the event.
  5. ray23, do you plan to update this with the events during the week, or is it only organized for the first day on Saturday?

  6. As Ray said in the first post, it is scheduled for Saturday 3rd September. He has also posted the timetable of events, which will all be completed on Saturday. The BIKE WEEK teminology is common throughout Thailand for this type of event, which is often just one day, sometimes two days, but rarely anything going on for a week. TIT.
    The event was scheduled for mid November, but has been brought forward and organised at short notice, to fall before the retirement of a senior Division 4, (KK and surrounding provinces), Police officer. He has provided the venue, which is in the Police School Training Ground, near the KK immigration office, on No 2 Highway, just North of the University entrance traffic lights. He also has provided further sponsorship. Due to the short notice, manufacturers such as Yamaha, and Kawasaki are unlikely to be able to attend, but all other activities will be similar to the previous 3 KK bike weeks.
    I am intending to ride down from Chiang Mai with a few friends to attend.
  7. I should be there on my baby-bike -cbr250r :p
  8. Well that is great! A party to welcome me moving to Khon Kaen, I love it!
    Although I will be busy I hope to leave the moving-mess the mess and attend the 3rd.

    Chang Noi

    P.s. When a Thai "motorbike week" is translated to English for us stupid people who can still not read Thai after 10years (myself included) probably is meant "Motorbike Weekend" which is indeed 1 or 2 days.
  9. We're still considering going to this one. We'll definitely be in KK this weekend as I need to service my bike. Does anyone have GPS cordinates for the KK Bike Week? TIA
  10. Sorry no GPS coordinates but it is will be same site as Khon Kaen Immigration office. Its a big site, but will be well signposted. The entrance will be on No 2 highway, (The main Khorat to Udon highway), Coming from Udon, it will be on your left,North side of the town, a couple of hundred metres before the traffics lights at the University gates. These are the first traffic lights you meet coming into KK, just before the road starts to go downhill past the main hospital etc.
    Coming from town, you go North on No 2 highway, passing the Queen Sirikit Heart Centre and the main University and Goverment hospital, straight on at the traffic lights by the University gate and then pulling to the RH lane, look immediately for the signs to turn right into the bike week venue
  11. Thanks for those directions, John!
  12. Thanks for the directions! Still considering whether to go or not. Seems strange that they charge 200 baht. I've been to a bunch of Bike Weeks of all sizes and they have never charged for admission.
  13. The charge is made only for entering the entertainment area in the evening, usually from about 6pm. The various events during the day are free to attend.
    The charge is made to cover the cost of putting on the event, there will be some free beer, free food and a nationally known group. The event has made the same charge each year, as has Udon bike week, CM bike week etc. Any surplus after the event is used to make contributions and gifts to local schools or orphanages, as you will see on the charity ride on the Saturday.
  14. Anyone riding there from BKK?
  15. Anyone going from UTH?
  16. In Nong Khai at the moment , will be meeting up with some friends in Udon Thani tommorrow and riding down to Kohn Khen

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