Khao Khiew Trail (Great after lunch trail)

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  1. GPS Make / Model:- 660

    GPS Track Name:- Khao_Khiew-Rob-Tony-Brian.gpx

    GPS Track Recorded by:-brian_bkk

    Start :- Khao Khiew Country Club
    End:- Small town in Khao Khiew

    Way Points:- Country Club / Start to trails / View Point / Entrance to Rock Garden trail / Town

    Date :- 5th January 2013

    Season :- Dry

    Conditions :- Dry, Sandy, Slippery

    Link to trip report :-

    Other comments you would like to add:- Great fun and great trail.. Enjoy..



    Attached files Khao_Khiew-Rob-Tony-Brian.gpx (78.1 KB)

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