Khao Yai mountain w/ GT-Riders


Oct 6, 2006
My first venture to Khao Yai National Park and first ride with some Gt-Riders.

Our trip was to begin near Franz's house, located north off of Hwy 331.
Franz gave me excellent directions to his location, indicating for me stop and phone him when I reached a certain 7-11 store. I phoned, he said for me to 'look for a BMW'. I said ' a 300, 500 or 700 series'? I thought he meant a car! He and Craig, who was with his lady Sean (sp?), stopped on their BMW bikes at the 7/11 and the adventure began. At an early stop for coffee we were joined by Ed, Peter (Dougal) and Thawee, and we continued towards Khao Yai mountain.

Making sure 'cdrw' ('Jay") was keeping up...

I was there, bringing up the rear...

Near the base of Khao Yai, we parked for lunch at a beautiful resort setting. Note the _headlight_ on the bike on the far right..

A nice setting for lunch...

A friendly owner, good service and so-so food:

We'd finished our meal the others headed out and I discovered, in my haste to take a picture when we first parked, I'd left my bike's ignition on. Arghh! Dead battery. Franz returned thinking my training wheels had fallen off, and gave me a push start. Excellent! So, anytime you've a battery problem, just give Franz a call...[086-DONT CALL]

On the road again... [it's tough to take a pix while driving]

A local inhabitant....'c'mon're supposed to feed me!'

Smile!...the sporting crew

Atop Khao Yai mountain bad the view was overcast. Jay needed to pee....

Another food stop!

Our hotel, the Khao Yai Hotel (an original name...), which is conveniently next to PTT gas station. Inexpensive and decent rooms, excellent food and a very friendly and attentive staff.

Piggin' out at the Khao Yai Hotel. It seemed like we consumed 60-bottles of beer which Peter and Franz kept ordering. 40 plates of food as Thawee kept ordering it. And, it was surprisingly very good and inexpensive. BURP!

departing the Khao Yai Hotel

And, yes....we continually celebrated the Thai National pastime...and stopped for even MORE FOOD...


Khao Yai National Park and it's sights are absolutely beautiful and not to be missed. I've ridden to many places in Thailand and this was one of the most scenic. It was joy to meet and 'break bread' with some of the GT-Riders. One couldn't ask for a finer group of people. However, beware when riding with this group. They are absolutely voracious eaters; I lost count after the 26th food stop!!
Arriving home, my odo revealed I'd travelled 556 worthwhile kilometers.

cdrw ('Jay')


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai

Did you managed to do anything driving? ammong the food? :p

Nice report matey and seems to be a good trip even there was possiblity of rain...

Jolly good job


Oct 6, 2006
Marco wrote: .....Nice report matey and seems to be a good trip even there was possiblity of rain...
In my haste in writing the report, I neglected to mention our encounter with rain.

Being experience riders...[a relative term D 8) } we encountered a light mist as we climbed the mountain. Soon, the mist turned into rain. We plodded on and once we were all thoroughly soaked, we then stopped and put on our rain gear! :D 8)


Dec 18, 2007
Hey CDRW (Jay), lovely report and photos and thanks for the compliments.

The rain got quite bad over the mountain and brought a tree down across the road. Nice little traffic jam in the rain while most of us had not donned the rain gear; i.e: everyone except me, Ha! Ha! :lol:

Guilty as charged on the beer ordering but I was only trying to keep up with Thawee ordering all the food!!

It was great to have you ride with us and especially for entertaining my son. Thanks Jay.


Jun 28, 2007
CDRW, it was a pleasure in finally meeting you and in you joining us & thanks for the report, I won't post any pxs as I forgot my camera :wink: ..........
It was a very nice ride, yes, plenty of rain, food and beer. We were even joined by Peter's major shareholder and his lovely adopted son & 2 cousins. For future trips, we will plan on heading back before each Sunday midday as this one belongs to Peter's shareholder and his face always gets cloudy after 11:00 a.m.............. :oops: :lol:
Drivers this time: Thawee-HD, Ed-Kwacka-ZX9 (this time no repair just some jump-starts.....), Jay (CDRW)-Suzi Djebel 250, Craig-Beemer R1200GS, Peter (Dougal)-Yams FZ1, Franz-Yams FJR. We did not have any troubles in keeping a lower pace 100-120 km/hr so Jay did not have to strain his 250 thumper too much.
Just on the way out of Sri Mahaphot we were taken over by 2 CBR150's with each 2 persons on it, man that hurt our pride and we had to make some short bursts after that.......... :p
Shows again that cc's and HP's are not the most important thing, it's the sheer pleasure of riding.
Looking very much forward to our next 4 day trip to Kanchanaburi 23rd till 26th of October. Anyone else want to join, you're welcome !!!!!
Cheers, Franz


Sep 4, 2007
Thanks for the report and excellent pics. Made me feel sad now that I did not make it. I too enjoy Kao Yai, its scenery and its bendy roads. That mountain road to the viewpoint, must have a permanent mist, same last time, but did not turn to rain then. Again no view, just cloud.
I was intending to leave Khon Kaen by 6.30 to make sure of being in Prachinburi by 10.30am (About 400Km). When Franz posted that a decision would be made after 7am Sat am, it seemed a bit too far for a last minute decision and the sky looked threatening in KK.
So moved the luggage from the FJR to the BMW and popped up to Udon and joined Ray and buddies for a trip to Ubonrat Reservoir. A good day , lots of stops also with plenty of food and just avoided the rain. Maybe Ray will post a report shortly.
Hope to see you all in Kanachaburi.