Khlong Hat District, Central Eastern Thailand

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  1. Not a spectacular trip but still a very nice 1 or 2 days trip for those living in East Thailand.

    Living in Chanthaburi we usually do our visa run at the Cambodia border near Khlong Yai.
    Last time we decided not to enter Cambodia with our bike but just get our stamp and continue the 3193 North, staying in Thailand as close to the border as possible. Some parts are really a challenge because of the many potholes, and you will pass many (friendly) checkpoints, but it is a nice way to get to the Khlong Hat district. Klong Hat (near the border) has a beautiful the scenery, the City of Khlong Hat is not much but you'll find a resort if you want to stay the night. We decided to stay to be able to explore the region, tour around the mountains sabaai sabaai.



    On our way back South we took the 317 but not before we went up North a little to visit Wat Tham Khao Chakan. Don't go there if you hate monkeys (as we do). There are a lot of Buddha images filled caves though. An interesting place after all.

    The 317 is under construction, but where they have finished the work it has become a fast track. No potholes (yet).

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  2. Nice little report.... Not every report has to be a book :)

    That is one of the areas I want to get down to and spend a bit of time exploring.

    Some great local seafood and bungalows with pristine beaches.
    Then head in land and ride around..

  3. Thanks Brian. Not a book indeed, meant to be a suggestion for something different.
    Talking about pristine beaches, try Trat. Where everybody is in a hurry to get to one of the crowded island while there are some very beautiful local beaches with restaurants (no bars). We live far from West and North but enjoy exploring the East, from the Golf of Thailand up to the Mekong. Worthwhile.
  4. Looks interesting alright. A new destination.
    There's supposed to be a great coastal road & ride along there somewhere too I believe. Have you been on it?
  5. We have done all the coastal rides along the Golf of Thailand, I think. It is a matter of taste of course, but we enjoy the coast far from international tourism more than the ones closer to Pattaya. Trat district offers nice rides, but we often take the road along the coast of Thamai district (where we live), east of Laem Sing and West of Laem Sing up to Mae Pim. It is not adventures, but very relaxed.
  6. Short impression of the scenic road along the coast in Chanthaburi
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  7. Looks like a pleasant day out on the bike Mike.. Nice looking roads too. ;)

  8. David FL talked about this road (reply above yours) and I thought I illustrate my reply a little bit. On all pictures this road looks great, (There were questions about it on facebook, and I made this video for that purpose, thought I share it on GT rider too) but it is a very short stretch.
  9. Thanks for the response.
    Yeah that's the road i was thinking about alright.
    Looks good enough to want to come down for a ride one day.
    I liked the vdo clip - looks cool.
    TQ for putting it together & sharing.
  10. My pleasure, had not contributed since some time. Weather permitting I will take a few shots of worthwhile places at our coast soon.

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