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    Last weeks trip to Khon Kaen Bike Week was a pretty good ride. Spent most of the time well above the speed limit. If there even is one is this country. :crazy:

    Left from BKK Friday, Sept. 2 and managed to get stuck in all the traffic we could find. Starting from Fast Corner on Narathiwat Road near Rama 3 before meeting up with our 3rd rider on the way out of town.

    Headed out Hwy 1 and then hit Hwy 2 as we were looking for the most direct route. Didn't want to spend too much time riding in the dark and a cold beer was calling my name since we got out of the BKK nightmare of Friday traffic.

    Stopped off for a quick drink for us and some gas for the bikes somewhere between BKK and Korat then back on the road.

    Friday Night in Korat, man what a lively town...:yawn: ok, maybe not. Pretty sure we hit every bar looking for some action but to no avail.

    Woke up Saturday morning, had some breakfast and then hit the road again to get to Khon Kaen before the afternoon. Had to make up for last nights disappointment.

    Khon Kaen Saturday before the Bike Week saw a few Hardley Drivables :eh:

    And now some real bikes, a beautiful R1 and Ducati :mrgreen:

    All in all a great trip. Had a load more pictures but for some reason they wont upload. Will try again later.

    Enjoy the ride and keep it shiny side up.



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