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    I started to post this as a reply to Captain Slash, but I decided to start a new topic because because it really is a "different" type of destination and wanted it to get some attention.

    See Captain Slash post at; Mae On-Khuntan National Park Road

    I have been trying to find this darn tunnel for some time. I had seen it from the train to BKK a long time ago and always thought I would go back.

    I read the Captain’s report and because I “KNEW” the area, and the left turn, he had me baffled. :shock: I was going in circles for a while. His report is accurate however and mine was just a case of not paying attention and seeing what I believed it should be and not what it was. I do that a lot.

    When you come from Mae Takhrai NP and go south on 2031 from Ban Mai 23km, just as Slash says, there is a T junction where I have turned left before. This I knew, WRONG!.


    Turn Off to Train Station: N18 31 48.6 E99 13 48.7

    100 meters BEFORE the junction is the left to the Khun Tan Tunnel and NP as slash found. If you don’t take the turn and continue (as I did) on either of T junction roads you will continue on 2031 to Hwy 11 about 23 km south of Lamphun.

    If you make the CORRECT turn and follow Slashes’ route, it will come to Hwy 11 approx. 50km south of Lamphun or say about 18 km before Lampang. That road is listed on my maps as the 4052 connecting to the 3027 near Hwy 11. (Happy Feet, they do interconnect with the road from Chae Hom.)


    The sign seen coming from the north. (100m further is the T junction).

    It is not dirt as the photo looks, just some construction at the corner. Make the turn and you have good road.



    No idea what this boat is doing on the edge of the orchard.


    Right is to the Khun Tan Tunnel and Train Station, Left is the N. Park

    Train Station is: N18 30 03.3 E99 15 55.5


    The light at the end of the Tunnel.


    NOT the light at the end of the Tunnel!

    Back down from the train station and up towards the NP.


    Left to the Park Entrance and Right to the road back to Hwy 11.

    I didn’t enter the park although it looked quite nice. There is a fee posted as 100baht for adults and they have nature trails and camping it looks like. I didn’t ask if they try to charge more for foreigners.

    A nice ride with a number of alternatives as to how you wish to get there and how you return to Chiang Mai. The 2031 is currently being re-surfaced and should be the fastest route back if you double back from the Train Station and skip the NP. :shock:

    Note: The map on my GPS had "disappeared". I could record tracks but I had no map in the GPS. Was able to reload when I got home, very strange! :roll:
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    Thanks Dave for the great report. You can go straight down to Rd 11 but, if you come down from Khun Tan NP on the Lampang side on the 4052 at N18 23 18.4 E99 15 50.7 you can take a right turn on a dirt road which brings you to the Thung Kwian Forestry Park and along the road you pass the elephant cemetery, the mahout school, the elephant hospital, etc. and also ends up at Rd 11 but a bit closer to Lamphun.
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    Thanks Auke, I will have to try that one also. I was totally lost for a while because I misread the map, as I said, thinking the left at the T-junction was the left to the NP. Once I got my head on straight it was fairly easy to find. A lot of construction right now, but when finished it will be really nice. Great scenery too. :D
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    The correct coordinates for the turn-of to the Tung Kwian Forest park and the elephant related things is at 18 23 10.7 N and 99 15 40.8 E (sorry, got two waypoints mixed up). There is a ranger post of the Forest park at the entrance and the dirt part is good but is not very long as they have now asphalted the road for quite a part. Along the way there is a new reservoir on the east side with places to have a picnic or do some fishing (not sure if this is allowed).

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