KLX 250 EFI - 3 Gallon (US) 11.356 litre fuel tank

Discussion in 'Technical' started by brian_bkk, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. G'day All,

    Well... It has arrived..

    My mission to get the big bore on the mighty KLX.. 300.. Done and love it.
    Monitor the fuel.. OK.. but you really need better range for touring in Lao etc.

    IMS have finally done it.. On the waiting list for a few weeks.. Stock arrived..
    Then clear customs.. Yes I had to pay.. So what.. it is only money.. You only live once.

    Here are some pictures.

    Felt like Christmas....











    Next stop.. Visit Tony_BKK and get this puppy on the bike..

  2. It does look like a Quality item. so you'll be effectively carry extra fuel and as such a Goofball !? ;)

    Goofballs of the world unite ! :happy2:
  3. Fantastic! They FINALLY made it!!! :thumbup:
  4. Bob asked the price for the tank today.
    Including the tank and the shipping it was just over 317 USD via paypal.

    Then customs dinged me 3,700 baht

    The alternative would have been this Chiang Mai round the world fuel tank.. I think I made the right choice ;-)

  5. I put the IMS Tank on MY CRF! Fantastic! I have had over 300kms out of it per tank!
    The only thing I didn't like on it was the Gas Cap. Being Plastic on Plastic it was tight and hard to fit and the Rubber Vent Hose was always twisting up! So the Solution I can recommend for You Brian is:
    You can find them on E-bay that's where I brought mine:
    Beautiful fit, much easier to use and no more long Hose hanging off and getting twisted up!
    I can Highly recommend it! Good Luck.
  6. hi.. Brian_Bkk after get it review please I interest it
    how must cost & where to order it ?
  7. Hi There..

    Ordered from IMS in the US..
    There is a bit of a waiting list and you will pay around 3,000 baht in customs tax.
    I can't remember now exactly the price.. 260 USD? Around that mark anyway.
    Plus postage.. Not cheap with postage and tax.. But can't be bothered to wait.

  8. Thank you
    be wait for it today I send my name&address to IMS list may be wait for it

    Joraa Krabb
  9. thank krabb
    Joraa Krabb
  10. Ian, could you post more pics of the bike and tank? I know this is a KLX thread but why not show what's good for a Honda... :)

    7,7L are okay for daily riding but I had days where I started with a full tank and refilled three more times.

    Also sometimes there are 80+km between some Shell stations and often I limp in with an almost empty tank.

    A bigger tank would definitely be an improvement.
  11. KZ25,
    Some Photos of the Big IMS Tank installed on the CRF250L. Sorry for the Delay Mate. Just got around to it!




    I think it looks OK. A bit Wider and You know You have more weight on Board but the Added Benefits and Fuel Range are worth it for Me!
  12. Just put myself on waiting list. 8 weeks.
  13. Can we get a picture of this on the bike?
  14. same same wait it 6 weeks for it. news from IMS tank staff.
  15. FWIW the plastic IMS tank weighs a lot less than the original steel tank :thumbup:
  16. Yeeah that's what I need...

    -Buy a KLX (again because the standard one I owned a few years back was very lazy. Main reason I sold it. Didn't know about upgrades back then) (or CRF)
    -Instal big bore kit
    -Instal larger tank
    -lose 15 kg weight (me)
    ...and join the weekend warriors.

    One day....for sure.

    Have a nice one!
  17. 5555 look forward to seeing you on one of our Weekend Warrior bush bashing rides.

    Tank installed today by Tony.
    Thanks a bunch Tony.. Really appreciate it.

  18. Don't mention it mate, happy to help! :thumbup:

    I just put together a little installation guide to document the problem we encountered:

    Installing a 3 gallon IMS tank on EFI Kawasaki KLX 250. A DIY guide.

    Probably you can just copy and paste the relevant part and forward it to IMS. I'll be quite curious to hear what they have to say...

    Ride On!

    Tony :happy2:

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