KLX 250 For Sale ( SOLD )

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  1. The bike will be 1 year on 29 Oct. (bought it new in Chiangmai)
    Insurance and Tax is paid already until 28 Oct. 2010

    Absolutely new with only 3500 Km (no scratch on it) , driven mosty on the streets.

    Changed backlight and plate holder (original backlight comes with the bike)

    There is still 1 year warranty on the bike from Kawasaki

    Price : 135.000 Baht

    Tel : 089 4331650 or 084 6264083



  2. Hi
    what's the reason selling the beauty?
    Is there a way make the saddle more confy on long rides?
  3. Hi Peter ,

    As you see 3500 km in a year ...... thats why i sell it , simply because i don't use it enough. It is still like new (even better) :lol:

    Cheers ,

  4. Hi Patrick,

    Is this still for sale? I am currently on Koh Phangan but am flying up to Chiang Mai around the 9th Dec and am wanting to buy a KLX250 to tour around on. Very interested if you still have it. Give me a call on 0862727756. Willing to xfer a deposit if need be.


  5. Hi Simon ,

    The bike is reserved for someone who will come to pick it up this weekend.If not i will post here or send you a message.

    Cheers ,

  6. Okay. Cheers
  7. Hi where and how much was the back light/licence plate holder looks great
  8. Bought the back light with plate holder at Kawa shop in Chiangmai next to the moat from where the bike comes. I thought it was arround 3000 Baht.


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