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  1. Selling my KLX, I dont have use for it anymore. Its only done 3,700Km YES you read that correctly. Its a 2009 model and has been meticulously looked after. Green book is in my name and is currently tax/insured.

    • Has been de-resticted properly
    • Geared suitable for off-road (stock gearing also available)
    • Renthal Bar
    • Better Rims
    • New rear tyre
    • Rear rack
    • Skid Plate
    • Acerbis Hand Guards
    • FMF Can (stock also available)
    • Tail Tidy (stock also available)
    • Renthal Gold O-Ring Chain

    I can also fit a unit if required to enable you to adjust your fueling
    Suspension sag has been set-up properly for someone around 90Kg

    6 months ago I deep serviced this bike. See this link for more info KLX 250S Service

    120,000 Baht









  2. ********Provisionally SOLD**********
  3. My friend Peter in Chiang Mai can pay a deposit for me. Peter tel. 0895418057. I send him a mail now. Y

    Best regards Angkor 1 /
  4. So we assume the eagle has landed safely home again?
    Bloody jealous that I (with my Versys) can not go dirt, mud, water and sand.

    Chang Noi
  5. You can Chang Noi! You can!

    Just don't drop the beast as she's a pain to pick up! The Versys isn't meant for serious off road, but it does quite well on dirt roads and gentle offroad. For anything rougher a KLX is a much better choice!


    Marcus- I really enjoyed the pictures from your trip that you posted on facebook! Looking forward to a trip report and hope to hook up with you for a ride SOON!

    T :happy1:
  6. It is a bit as like with boats, they are all sea-worthy (more or less) but not always the crew. Yes I am sure the Versys can do some off-road, but with my short legs If feel not secure to handle the weight of the bike at difficult situations. And the other problem is .... I always like to check-out that other road, that other small track and "hey there is an house on that mountains so there should be a road going there".

    Chang Noi

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