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  1. I bought this exhaust at Mityon Kawasaki Pattaya for the KLX. 3800 baht. It is purpose made as it has the thread for the oxygen sensor. Pretty much a straight through pipe and very noisy!! Alloy hence lighter than original. Includes muffler and pipe where oxygen sensor fits. Initial impressions after a quick blast is it improves performance at high revs. Nothing much in the low to mid. Mityon have one fitted to a D-tracker test bike. Mechanic suggested another model for 24000 baht (sorry don't remember brand). It was also straight through. Choice was a no brainer! Fitted it myself. Very easy.

    My bike has the 'free' rev limit mod, plus snorkel removed (see photos).


  2. Ummm. That looks like the same muffler that they Fit as atandard to the Tiger 250 rs. And yes it will give a good GGGRoooowl to the exhaust note.
  3. My friend just got the same exhaust. Sounds pretty good, maybe a bit less loud than my two brother (with P4 tip). And definately much cheaper!

    But one thing to note in this one is the location of the O2 sensor adaptor: the sensor is in very vulnerable position in top of the rear wheel. Stones, dirt & water flying of the wheel will easily hit and damage the sensor. So it requires some sort of protection or the whole adapter should be re-located to somewhere else (about 1000thb job in local machine shop).
  4. Hi I have the same pipe and its better than another pipe i also bought (oval type) although i get it backfiring when cold although this goes after a few km
    Where did you get the back light/plate mod from as the standard licence holder is terrible
    How much was it .
  5. I made it myself - I found the sheet aluminum at a scrap dealer. I used the same material to make a bash plate. I would recommend 3 or 4 (mm) material instead of the 2 (mm) I used.

    I reckon there are some off the shelf products available -advise anybody......?

  6. Thanks for the quick reply tony ,what back light did you use ?
    also does it run much better when you take the snorkel(air box off)?
    cheers Rex
  7. Back light is standard ....
    Regarding air box. This was the first mod I made performance wise and it makes an immediate difference. I believe you can replace the snorkel with a KDX 250 part which is larger. There is a thread on this forum about it somewhere... I am looking at getting a K&N air filter for better flow. Saying that the original seems to perform OK.

    If you are riding off road, I noticed the aftermarket nobbly tyres have a larger diameter than the originals. I have ordered a 13T front sprocket to counter this (Original is 14T).

  8. Indicators are LED from Mityon Kawasaki Pattaya. Advise you take the lens off and seal it with silicon.

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