KLX Deep Service.... Guidance appreciated.

Discussion in 'Technical & Motorcycle Services' started by brian_bkk, Nov 26, 2013.

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    G'day All,

    The KLX has had a few hard muddy as well as dusty miles clocked up.
    Both in Laos, Sanghlaburi as well as bush bashing with the Bangkok Weekend Warriors in Chonburi.

    As well as the 24,000 KM service.. What else should I do or is recommended.
    I know everyone will have different ideas.. But would like to hear them all.

    This time around I will not take the bike to Kawasaki.. They are great for the out of the book service.
    But feel when you ask for extra things.. it gets lost in translation or they are not sure.

    What people have said so far..
    - Grease (Which parts of the bike?)
    - Check the bearings and clean / grease them
    - Check the chain and sprocket
    - Change the oil and clean or replace the filter
    (some of these are the standard Kwaka service)

    Any other recommendations for a good thorough service?
    Would rather get it all checked out and ride with confidence that the bike is in the best condition possible when out in the bush.

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    Ha this is funny..w as going to send you an email toady on this anyway after discussion last night on pnae back from CM. Sat next to a guy who runs a KLX250 here and a KLR650 back home. Was talking about KLX versus CRF ( his comments in line with other discussions we have had )
    Asked him about maintenance re KLX
    He said to watch steering head area.. I think Tony pulled his part a few months ago and found it pretty grotty.
    Mine only has 11000 on it and no where near the intensity of what your has had although it may have spent more tie in horizontal position than yours 555

    My list would include all of the above you have listed plus steering head plus swing arm. Check front fork seals..
    Not sure if you meant it by your note but cant ever see point of it when some guys change oil and not filter at same time and changing filter on old oil is just the same....generally its the degradation of the oil that is the killer not foreign particulate matter in it. Obviously wheel bearings need to be checked and greased as per intervals although with yours having done some roughstuff it might be good practice to bring that forward from recommended intervals.

    So answer to your question from talking to this guy was steering head....
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    Hi Brian, strip the old girl down, 24,000km on a dirt bike all conditions.
    Pull it apart, serious, all the above recommendations are correct.
    Add: sprockets, chain (all together0
    spark plug (set right gap)
    clean out air filter
    check tyres, rims, spokes
    check and grease all cables
    remove rear shock, inspect and clean
    check all bulbs etc and wd40 all exposed electrical switches
    check original fuel filter, replace or clean
    put and additional fuel filter on your feed line (cheap and an insurance)

    Extra insurance: carry an extra spark plug fuel filter, piggy back extra cables on excelerator and clutch.

    Do all this and all the above mentioned in the other posts and you are ready to go.


  4. TonyBKK

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    ^ A good and pretty comprehensive list in the above posts, but really there is no need to take your bike somewhere else as all of it is covered in the regularly scheduled periodic maintenance as shown in the service manual:



    Ride on!

    Tony :happy1:

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