KLX125 - any news?

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  1. Has anybody seen any KLX125s for sale? I'd be interested in photos, comparing the size to its bigger brother, and "first ride" impressions. Saw a pic with a price tag on another thread, so it should be for sale - any sightings?
  2. I can't do photo's on this site
    I don't speed much time reading dribble or getting involved in any
    BUT the klx 125 and 125 D-tracker are in mityon new shop on sukumvit in Pattaya
    weighs 90kg air cooled, looks like some thing out of the '70
    couldn't pull a greasy man out of bed springs to mind
    still I've got no intension of buying it
  3. KZ, I saw a New 125 D-Tracker at our Hotel in Nan on Thursday Morning so they must be coming for Sale now. Haven't seen them in the Shop here yet?
    Nice Little Bikes!
    It seems You have a bit of a Chip on Your Shoulders Mr "a-tecracing" :twisted: Your last few Posts on different Topics have all been abusive and Sarcastic, The 125 was never intended as a Race Bike or Power Machine? Different Strokes for Different Folks! Keep Taking the Pills, You will come Right :wink:
  4. They're on the Kawasaki Thai web site now, at the bottom. All the specs are there.
  5. Thanks, bultaco - the site is all in thai but if you put the cursor on something there's english text. Here the shortcut to the tech data:
    http://www.kawasakibigbike.com/specific ... er125.html
    The weight of the D-Tracker is 114kg and I'd been very happy if a bike of this kind would have been available in the 70s!
    But 85K? Ouch - - -
    Honda's PCX scooter is flying out the door of every dealer for 72K!
  6. The Kawasaki Dealer here in Chiang Mai has a load of New KLX & D-Tracker 125 in stock now, Multiple Colours, Green, Blue, Black and even White!!! But as KZ said the Price has increased since first Quote and I was Told Yesterday 82.000 for the KLX and 86.000 for the D-Tracker :shock: That is getting up there but still a better Buy than a Phantom :roll:
    I checked out the KLX and it is almost Identical to the KLX140 except for all the Road Kit, yet the 140 is 71.000 Baht:?:
    Anyway they should still sell heaps as they are a good Gap Filler between the Cult Bikes like KSR * D-Tracker 250 :wink:
  7. What I don't get is the size, that definitely limits the whole bike. I mean the old Honda XL125 had the same rim and tire size as the XL250, only a smaller tank, thinner forks and smaller brake discs. But this small Tracker is practically a one-rider bike, I couldn't even pick my daughter up from school with it.
    What I'm looking for is a replacement for the Honda MTX125 with a four-stroke engine, for a reasonable price. That thing was big enough for a farang and his girlfriend and even had enough power. I wonder what the price was when it was still available, probably under 60,000THB.
    Those were the days...
  8. Here's a few photos from Chiang Mai Kawasaki.

    Photo's aren't flash, because as you can see most of the bikes are wrapped up in plastic.








  9. Hi Rex, thanks for posting the pics! Good-looking bikes, only the exhaust is a bit weird. And white plastic on a dirt bike?!
    I'd like to see them in the "flesh", to see how they compare size-wise to the 250s. I sat on the 250 D-Tracker at the BKK dealership, anything smaller than that is cutting it close. Hopefully they'll come to Hua Hin soon. Smaller bike means less suspension travel, maybe bottoming out if you're not a 140 pound Thai...
  10. KZ said: "And white plastic on a dirt bike?!"

    Fashion, my friend, just fashion... :roll:
    Brands tend to stick to consumers'desires. Look, near all brands (at least japanese ones) are going for the white one in the range... And look around you new Vigos, Isuzus and the rest!

    Time for a virginity after the "black fashion"?

    Just wait for some years and I guess the white will be "has been"...
    Let the times roll...

    Pretty little bike IMHO...

  11. Good question, which is the "better bike"? - I guess it all depends on what you want to ride, or what you want to be seen on. Some people don't have the time for trips and prefer a light, quick runabout, others complain the seat of an enduro is uncomfortable and the seating position is not good for traveling. So it's up to the taste of the owner. Also some people have a big bike for touring and are looking for a "city-hopper".
    On another thread I wrote that for the price of a 250cc KTM you could probably get a Kawasaki Ninja 650. But if you don't want a mid-size touring bike but a euro-made street-legal dirt bike you spend the money and don't think twice.
    One way to "value" a bike would be to see what it's made of. The Phantom has big wheels and tires, solid suspension, comfortable seat and a 200cc engine. The KLX is a skinny 125 with decent forks and brakes, electronic speedo but not much else. Compare that to the CBR which has an aluminum frame and a watercooled hi-tech 4 valve engine, and sells for 66,000 THB! Is the D-Tracker 125 worth 20,000THB more?
  12. Well.....happy-go-lucky has got one...... A D-tracker 125




    she couldn't wait & it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to with me. (Full moon tomorrow....:roll: :roll: )

    But no doubt a great little bike for the Thais & the "bulk" of the population here. Us farang don't register on the richter scale - our numbers are so small (& the same goes for the big bike market!)
  13. David said: "Us farang don't register on the richter scale - our numbers are so small (& the same goes for the big bike market!)"

    So true!
    We, Farangs, have to never forget this reality...
    All (bikes or whatever else) brands here run first for their "natural and logical" thai market as it is in any other country.
    We, Farangs, are only (appetizing) crumbs of the cake passing by...

    And happy rides to Happy-Go-Lucky!
  14. My Dr 250 and my Dr650 both use white plastic. I don't see the problem?
  15. My Yamaha Raid is a 94 Model, In White. Looks Newer than My KLX250, 2008 Model :wink: Looking after a Bike Properly is the Key :idea:
    Well done "Happy Go Lucky", Brilliant little Bike 8)
  16. Nothing wrong with white dirt bikes although I'm a firm believer in the classic motocross colours being used, white for Yamaha, red for Honda, yellow for Suzuki and green for Kawasaki.

    David, can I ask how tall your Teelak is ? I've thought about getting mine a bike if I can teach her to ride, she's only 5 foot (152cm in foreign muck) so I thought about a KSR110 but this may be a better bet.
  17. Great to see some pictures of the bike outside a shop where you can see how big it really (not) is! - I've inquired here in Hua Hin at a dealer who sells all brands, there's no Kawasaki dealer as such in town. Was told that they won't be for sale here, only in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Pattaya. Can't order them, either, I'd have to go to one of the three places. Kind of surprising since it's a 125cc bike. Guess the info is wrong or at least incomplete; there are Kawasaki dealers in Surat Thani and Phuket, which sell big bikes. I'd be very surprised if they wouldn't sell the little Kwack.
    This dealer in Hua Hin has Phantoms, CBR150s, Boss 175 and the new PCX 125 scooter in the show room - why not the KLX125?
  18. Phuket has the KLX 125......should be a great little bike for those inclined.
  19. Penetrator
    My teelak is a shorty & comfortable on the D-Tracker.

    Next to the AT on R1256

    Next to the AT Rider

    Next to Doi Mae Salong's superstar

    She's very sweet & loveable; & it must be about time for another happy snap together somewhere if we can manage it.
    8) 8) 8)
  20. Good to know it's available in Phuket as I assumed.
    I think I would look funny on it, being 5'10, which isn't tall, really.
    Guess I'll wait until a used 250 is available for 90K!
  21. Finally caught up with her & got the tape measure out: 162 cms!
    Looks like you've got a "littler" one.

    :wink: :wink:
  22. I sat on the D-Tracker 125 at the Kawasaki dealer in Bangkok a couple of days ago and must say they it's a really SMALL bike! (and I'm neither tall nor heavy...)

    I think it will have great appeal for the hundreds upon hundreds of Thai kids who have been riding and stunting and even racing on the little KSR110's. You see them EVERYWHERE!

    For all the KSR riders looking to move up to something just a little bigger I think the D-Tracker 125 may fit the bill, though not sure if the relatively high price will dampen sales...

    Ride On!

  23. If I was going to buy a small locally produced bike for road use, then there seems to be nothing better value than the CBR150. It's a decent bike and for 65,000 you can't go wrong.
  24. Erm... I'm not interested in getting involved in any pissing match you and Ian might be having regarding the bike you choose to ride. (A little good natured piss-taking is all fine and well and to be expected amongst bikers though)
    While I'd never ride one I know that your Phantom has given you a lot of trouble free miles for very little money- and if you're happy riding it that's all that really matters, isn't it?
    Happy Trails!
  25. What's a Tiger Boxer 250RS cost? I know a few guys who ride those and they all seem very happy with their bikes and I'd consider the Tiger a better choice for touring Thailand than the CBR150... Also understand that Honda is no longer producing the CBR150- once the remaining stock is sold out it may be the end for that model...

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