KLX250 D-Tracker Injector leak part numbers

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  1. For the last week or so I could smell more of a gasoline smell than usual around the engine. Then two days ago gasoline started pouring out from under the throttle body......managed to limp home & find a temporary o-ring to fit.

    The main o-ring that slips over the back of the injector had perished, thus causing a leak! I have only ever put benzene (red) fuel in my tank since new, did put gashol in once by mistake!!!

    Anyway the why's & what ifs are irrelevant as I had to wait a week for Kawasaki to get a new o-ring ordered for me. BTW i do a lot of scuba gear servicing & have draws full of o-rings but nothing i had was spot on in size or width, my temp o-ring repair was a fraction to small BUT held up for 100km. Which was surprizing!!

    Here's the pesky 50thb little bugger you will need to buy one day!!

     282546=12325-PICT0192%20(Small).jpg /KLX250 D-Tracker Injector leak  part numbers/Technical/  - Image by:  "Joelthailand" at GT-Rider Motorcycle Forums

    Just in case anyone is looking to cross reference the stock injector or upgrade it, these are the part numbers:

    Written on the OEM stock DTX250 injector:
    Keihin N YF18

    Kawasaki DTX250 injector part numbers info:
    Ref No. 49033 - Part No. 49033-0016


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