KLX250 D-Tracker Injector leak part numbers

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    For the last week or so I could smell more of a gasoline smell than usual around the engine. Then two days ago gasoline started pouring out from under the throttle body......managed to limp home & find a temporary o-ring to fit.

    The main o-ring that slips over the back of the injector had perished, thus causing a leak! I have only ever put benzene (red) fuel in my tank since new, did put gashol in once by mistake!!!

    Anyway the why's & what ifs are irrelevant as I had to wait a week for Kawasaki to get a new o-ring ordered for me. BTW i do a lot of scuba gear servicing & have draws full of o-rings but nothing i had was spot on in size or width, my temp o-ring repair was a fraction to small BUT held up for 100km. Which was surprizing!!

    Here's the pesky 50thb little bugger you will need to buy one day!!


    Just in case anyone is looking to cross reference the stock injector or upgrade it, these are the part numbers:

    Written on the OEM stock DTX250 injector:
    Keihin N YF18

    Kawasaki DTX250 injector part numbers info:
    Ref No. 49033 - Part No. 49033-0016


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