KLX250S tires, anything better than OEM?

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by ttakata73, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I'm down in BKK on my D-Tracker.
    I went riding with some KLX250S guys off road and obviously the street tires were not good in the mud.
    So I'm going to get a dirt wheelset but was wondering if any of you have found tires better than the stock ones from Kawasaki.
    I figure I'll do a 50-50% split of riding.
    Since its always raining here, my biggest concern is safe wet on-road handling and decent mud shedding ability.
    I know Pirelli has some good tires but has anyone tried the IRC brand.
    They have a new BR-99 that looks good, is it even available in Thailand yet?

    Any recommendations?
  2. The D-Tracker is a street bike with 17" rims. There should be plenty of street rubber available, but if you want 50% dirt the choice is very limited.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's easier to find 80/20 street/dirt for the KLX with 18 and 21" rims than finding dirt rubber for a 17" street rim.
  3. I'm too lazy to be swapping tires so I will be getting dirt rims, 21" front and 18" rear just like on the KLX250S.
    That's why I'm asking KLX guys if they have swapped tires.
  4. Right, that's what you wrote, you're getting a dirt wheel set. Can you make a straight swap? How about the brake disc set-up?
    Far as I know IRC is a subsidiary of Dunlop. I had stock IRC tires on my CBR150R and Honda Wave, can't complain. Not great, not expensive.
    Pirelli are definitely better! Had MT60s on my XR650L, lots of fun on the street. Maybe MT90s are better for dirt.

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