Knee Braces – What Are You Using?

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    Still struggling with a dodgy knee after my last Laos trip
    Escaping From Xam Neua & Laos.
    my attention has been directed towards treatment & care.

    Researching knee braces has been one focus, & one of the best sites I have found is The Knee Pain site

    Knee Pain Explained - Understand it and Treat it

    Knee Brace Guide: Best Braces for Knee Pain

    Hinged Knee Braces: Compare Products & Read Reviews

    Neoprene Knee Brace Guide: Compare Products & Read Reviews

    Some good general knee brace sites

    Best Knee Brace Reviews – Top Rated Braces

    Knee Brace Selection Guide - pick the best knee brace --

    Donjoy would appear to be one of, if not the best

    Knee Braces, DonJoy Braces | DonJoy | DJO Global

    So the question arises is anyone riding with a knee brace?

    There are braces for M-X riders & I’ve found these sites with info for M-X knee braces

    Motorcycle USA had some info

    Conclusion: The most common knee injuries in off-road motorcycling involve the anterior cruciate ligament, menisci, and medial collateral ligament. The use of prophylactic knee bracing appears to have a beneficial effect in preventing medial collateral ligament and anterior cruciate ligament injuries as well as overall knee injury occurrence. These findings may be applicable to other sports that involve similar forces and mechanics. “

    While the news is positive and goes to show that the development of protective equipment is making a difference, poking through the statistical data allows us to pull some other interesting conclusions. Of the riders sampled, the largest group are over 35 years of age. Those riders also sport the highest percentage of brace wearers (69%). So are we smarter with age, or simply more fragile? Also, riders with only 1-5 years of experience have the lowest percentage of brace wearers (54%). The longer we’re in this sport, the more injures we experience personally and with other riders. Does this indicate a need for better education and awareness about dirt bike protection? Or perhaps lower prices to help get entry riders geared up. Also, 74% of recorded motocross riders wear braces – the highest of the listed disciplines.

    There’s an old saying that there are two kinds of riders – those who have had knee surgery, and those who will. A sport-specific study like this is a valuable tool for providing feedback on a controversial subject. Anyone who has twisted a throttle knows that riding dirt bikes is hard on the body, especially the knees. Even though knee braces cannot prevent all injuries, the data suggests that strapping on a set will at least improve the chances of keeping those important joints in one piece
    Dirt Rider has some info & reviews

    We also showed the braces to a sports chiropractor who rides. Both had very similar comments on the braces and stressed two very important things:

    Anything is better than nothing

    You really get what you pay for. Even the most expensive brace here is cheaper than the MRI you'll need if you tweak your knee. Our experts also agreed that they would classify only three of the braces, the EVS Web, the Innovation Sports Morph and the Asterisk Cell, as true knee braces. The others are beefed-up knee pads with hinges on them. A doctor's point of view is presented in each description. The doctors also had some suggestions for riders shopping for knee braces. Remember, the most important thing is fit! The brace should essentially attach to your skeleton as much as possible through the straps and formed hard parts.

    1. Poly-axial hinges. (They move more like your knee.)

    2. Long bars or arms off the hinge (the longer the better) with the hinge set just behind the middle of the knee joint to provide the most protection.

    3. Protection to the front of the knee, especially just below the knee at the tibial plateau.

    4. Above-the-knee protection.

    5. Good strapping (dual is best) that attaches or molds to the calf to stop the brace from moving up.

    6. A good extension stop.

    Read it here: Motocross Knee Brace Buyer's Guide

    I have an appointment with a top knee doctor
    Nantawit Sugandhavesa, M.D. - Department of Orthopidic, Faculty of Medicine, CMU.
    for a 2nd opinion on what is / isnt going on.

    How your knee looks & works

    How it may be malfunctioning

    hopefully we can ascertain the extent of ligament & meniscus damage & then make a plan of attack.
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    A topic close to my ... knee. I have what I call my 'Sportster' knee. From the days I had an Ironhead. Until I learned the trick from a Greybeard of how to set the mag - and carb, that bike launched me off more than once. The price is being paid now. Comes and goes - usually wear a neoprene stretch velcro-attached brace when I know I am going to be walking a fair bit. Touch wood - never had an injury where I needed a brace. Good luck - will follow thread.
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    Wow, Lots of Research put in there David! I will also follow this thread and see how You get on? Unfortunately I can't be of any Help to You but I do have numerous Problems of My own to try and Resolve Ha Ha! So with You in Spirit! The Joys of Growing Old I guess!
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    A brief update

    This is more commonly known as wear-and-tear arthritis and causes the breakdown of cartilage and bone. The joint loses its smooth surfaces and the space between the bones decreases causing knee stiffness. The stiffness tends to be worse first thing in the morning or after prolonged rest, easing fairly quickly with movement. It often only affects one or two joints.​

    55 the doc says: Old age
    Dont sit at the computer too long!
    Dont ride for more than an hour. Get off the bike, take a break. Exercise - stretch the knee & leg.
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