Koh Kong to Hwy-4


Oct 6, 2006
There are now 2 of the bridges open on the road from KKong to Hwy-4. The road is 99.9% complete; the longest stretch of dirt is immediately after the crossing the bridge at Sri Ambel (heading East)...and it's just a temporary 2-km stretch connecting you back to the main road to Hwy-4.
The first bridge at KKong and the farthest at Sri Ambel are open; the construction over the middle two rivers will likely not finish (at best) until late this year. It's still a $1...for we farangs...to cross the bridges or ferry across the rivers.

Since last April, when I last took this road, I noted a few small sections which are already showing some minor deterioration. I surely hope that the Khmer maintain this road....