Koi Carp farm Chiang Rai


Dec 9, 2008
The Nishikigoi Koi carp farm is on the 1040, near to the Choui Fong Tea Plantation, Mae Chan, Chiang Rai. Location N 20 deg 12.467', E 099 deg 50.193'.

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They have quite a spacious coffee shop there.
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These were swimming around in a pool at the shop entrance.
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Further in to the property, they have a large shed with pools for baby Koi.
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These cost around 2,000 baht each and grow to full size in a couple of years.
Lots of water filtration and oxygenation.
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There is also a large fish pond at the back, with a central sala.
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Coffee with a hot choclate lava cake and all the trimmings.....
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A couple of friendly local residents..
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