Komine Motorcycle Dome AK-103

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  1. [/IMG]

    Bought from Paddock.
    Not a secure as a shed but I purchased to keep prying eyes out. Looks pretty sturdy and was fairly easy to put together. Does say in instructions not to leave outside when typhoon and storm are coming.
    Looks like I should be able to squeeze Z800 and KLX250 in if they're on paddock stands but I'll have to wait to test as both bikes are in Kalasin and I'm in Pattaya.
    17500bht + postage.
    Quite expensive for a tent but I'm still happy
  2. ^ Ha! That's pretty cool! :thumbup:

    Looks more like a cover for a big BBQ than for bikes!

    I'm curious- does it have a floor? If not do you worry about critters getting in there and making a mess?

    During the big floods a couple years ago I had mice or rats move in to a couple of my bikes where they gnawed on wires and made a nasty mess...

    These days I keep the bikes indoors if they're going to be sitting for a while...
  3. :lol-sign:
    That's an old pic I took during the "great flood" of 2011. Nemo was just there to comfort the old girl ;)
  4. I bought the Komine AK100 Sport Bike Cover from Paddock today. I pick up my CRF250L on Sunday and as I only have a one-bedroom condo I'm only allowed to keep one vehicle under the building, which is my SH150 that I use daily.

    I paid ฿3,700 for the cover, which is more than I wanted to pay but it looks well made and durable. As the bike will be always kept in the elements I think it's a good investment and worth paying extra over the standard covers.

    The bike bivouac looks the real deal though! :thumbup:

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