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  1. As David had posted earlier under the events callendar there was a race meeting in Korat over the weekend. Took a run out for a look on Sunday and got some pictures. The track is an old kart track and is pretty tight so it was impressive to see the bigger bikes going round.

    The first race was the KSR's


    It did not take long before this guy in the green vest was out in front by quite a bit

    This was the group chasing hime with a pretty neat faired KSR

    They were really cranking the bikes over on the corners, some a bit to much

    He was back up in no time..no damage


    Next there was a race with a variety of bikes like Wave's, Sonics, Mio etc.

    Then the KSR's put on a stunt show


    Next came the bigger bikes, before the Superbike race there were a few road bikes that had a few laps of the track, this guy on the Busa was impressive, had a pair of velcro sliders over his jeans and would have given some of the guys racing a pretty good run of it

    The Superbikes had a warm up, some tricked out machinery kicking about


    This guy flipped his ZX on the straight, felt sorry for him cause it done a good few flips and did not look to good on the landing


    A few pics from the race



    A pretty enjoyable event, lot's of nice bikes and good riders.[/img]
  2. Thanks Kev looks like fun and shade as well, looks like it would be worth the trip if they have another.

    Did you here any plans for additional events?
  3. Kev_O

    Thanks for the photos & little report.

    It's amazing how much fun you can have on small bikes on a small circuit eh?
  4. Hi Kevin,

    Greetings from sunny Sweden. How did the big bikes compare in lap times to your timed runs there? Also when are you going to run the R1 there?

    Curious as the other readers are , if there is any news of future events, they must have spent a little on the pits and facilities as it appeared abandonded last time you took me there. Who actually organised the event, was it a Korat club? Any contacts for updates?

    Thanks for the story.
  5. One of the main sponsers of this event was a group called korat80up, they have a bike shop in town here and host a website, I am pretty sure the owner of the shop races and is ranked overall in the Thai SBK. The website is all in Thai however they do list events etc. korat80up.com This track was pretty much unused for the longest time, you could take a run out there and pay the lady who stayed out front 200 baht to use it all day, she would then heard up the cows that were usually grazing in the grass in the middle of the track and it was yours for the day. On my last visit there I met the owner who had a few people cleaning it up a bit, he said he was trying to get it tidied up to encourage more events. He did mention that the KSR guys used it quite regularly. Well, the lap times at the weekend were, er, let's say, quite a bit faster than I've ever managed before, I guess I'm a bit reluctant to push it in case I bin it, ha, ha. When you back in town Harri, I got some XR issues that need some expert advice. Cheers.

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