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Discussion in 'Technical' started by DavidFL, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Anyone seen or used these gauges

    The better catalogue is on the North American site

    I think that a
    GP Style Speedometer RX2 (from the US Catalogue)
    might be the bees knees (although there will be at least one of you riders who disagrees or knows better); but is anyone else interested?
    In the US the GP Style Speedometer costs US$379

    The ATV Multifunction Speedometer might also be ok??

    I’ve got a mate going to Taiwan for work next week & he will check about an order, minimum quantity & prices.
  2. Very Nice indeed. If i had a Bike Worthy of putting one on!!! Going to Upgrade the Africa Twin are you? Should cover all the requirements for some of you Guys with more upmarket Bikes.
    Cheers Ian.
  3. Hi Everyone,

    the Koso staff is o.k, if you use it as trip meter, also may I point out that the magnet you get is rubbish, you need a stronger magnet to get a good signal. I spent many hours and days until I had it right. The disappointment was big, when I found out that it's only accurate until 140 km/h after that that it jumped back to zero or any other nonsense number. So I searched the web and found out many Koso users with similar problems. They all talked about getting a stronger magnet and everything will be fine. Considering the investment I think that sucks. Anyway my opinion is about the Koso XR-S - it might be that the other staff is just much better and was overhauled by the company. I only paid 69 Euro for mine from Germany, but it's a very basic model.

    After having it for almost one year, somebody freed me from this burden and took it off my bike, while parked in front of my house. It was literaly brocken off with socket etc. the cables still being on the bike. He might have got 500 Baht for this piece, but without cables the thing doesn't work.

    Just 2 days ago I got my Trailtech Vapor from ebay and I installed it allready, but haven't checked it long enough to give you my opinion. I will tell you in a few weeks what's good and what's not.

    I recommend lyteracing on ebay. The package was promptly shipped and arrived a few days later in Chiang Mai. No custom tax. All in all I paid 132 US Dollars, I think that's a fair price.

    Cheers Rudi
  4. I have had Trail Tech Vapor tripmeters on my bikes for a couple
    of years. They have always worked perfectly. Have to change
    the battery about once a year, it is easy to find here.
  5. Hey Saxonator, haven't heard from you in a while. I don't think I buy that about the magnet not being strong enough. If it reaches the pickup and works at slow speeds, the magnetic impulse wouldn't change just because it is turning more RPM. I have used bicycle tripmeters on motorcycles before and they act the same way when you reach their max capable speed readout but they usually tell you what they are rated at before hand. I may be wrong on this one, just my opinion.

    I also have been using a Vapor for about a year now on the DR650 with no problems. I calibrated mine to my GPS and it is totally accurate. I did this by tweeking the wheel diameter settings until it matched the exact distance reading on the GPS. You can't do it by trying to match the KPH because the readings jump around too much and there is a slight delay to the GPS. Haven't had to change the battery yet.

    Trail Tech also now offers many choices for oil/water temp sensors and different lengths of wire extensions so it can be tailored to you application quite neatly. A good company to deal with as they will answer email questions promptly. I have also purchased halogen lights from them (don't buy their HID lights as they only work on very few motorcycles that have DC output only, (experience talking)).

    Good luck with the Vapor, stay in touch!
  6. Hi Silverhawk,

    well it came delivered with a very small magnet, that i fitted into one of those bolts on the disc itself. In comparison to the Trailtech the Koso is 1/3 of it and it's also less strong then the trailtech one. I might have done a wrong installation, I don't want to be Mr. Smartass. Joe, Momo and me have tried everything and it allways worked finde until 140 km/h. Also I set up the wheel measuring etc. I just don't want anyone gets disappointed. The trailtech is a much better gain, considering the price and all the extras it comes with. "Trailtech Vapor Rocks, Koso sucks"

  7. I don't believe you did anything wrong, it just sounds like the Koso may have a bigger problem than a weak magnet (nothing worse than a weak magnet[:D]). I think you will like the Vapor once it is set up.

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