KTM 1190 Launch Party, Bangkok, Thailand

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  1. Nicely done KTM, Thailand! :clap:

    Open bar, good food and plenty of eye candy :lol:

    I personally don't agree with the "bigger is better" trend that is going on with these "adventure touring" bikes, but they are impressive machines nonetheless!

    This is more my style ;) KTM 50SX 2-stroke mx! Serious performance in a small package!

    KTM 1190 Adventure. Neil's next bike???

    More eye candy 8)



    The new KTM 1190 Adventure R-
  2. Thanks for sharing.

    You guys happen to know the price of the 1190 Adventure and 1190 Adventure R?
  3. 1,199,000 baht for the stock model and 1,289,000 for the R version, financing available :)
  4. Thanks.

    The New BMW R1250GS is also around 1,25 milion. The previous model was around 1 million. Previous 990 KTM was around 1 million too.

    A new model and a bit of tax increase will ad 20% to the bike's Thai price nowadays.
  5. Wow... You guys are lucky. KTM in Vietnam could be counted by one hand fingers!!!
  6. What a strange trend in increasing the cc size.... down the road will there be a KTM2000 Adventure bike ?? :)
    I personally would love to see a lightweight 500 cc V twin. Something that you could pick
    up by yourself if it fell over in a remote area.... :)
  7. Nice bike no doubt about that but $40,000AU, you must be joking! It's a motor bike guys, I can buy a new 4x4 in Thailand for $30,000AU+
  8. I have a KTM 1190 Adventure I bought in the UK 10 months ago I have done 12000 miles I'm reallly pleased with it .I am riding it to Thailand in August from England.Its a lot of money but a lot of bike with some very good electronics.I was very nervous about going away from Japanese bike but so far so good 😃
    Safe riding

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