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  1. I was in PP last week and did visit the KTM dealer there. Beautiful shop and a lot of bikes in stock (showroom), also beautiful clueless sales ladies.

    I did not see any service area, so I wonder how they do they service of the bikes. Prices were of course much cheaper as in Thailand.

    Chang Noi

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  2. I bought a KTM 500 EXC from there about a month ago. Sales were pretty clueless but they have one good service guy who knows his stuff. The others seemed pretty clueless and i had to instruct them what to do when they were performing an oil change (the good tech was absent that day).

    You get free servicing if you buy there (but have to pay parts) and 1 year guarantee - although I am not sure the guarantee would stand up for much if you tried to use it. I could get the same bike for about $1k cheaper from another shop (where i got my F800GS from) but had to wait for it to be shipped and it was US spec not euro spec and had no guarantee.

    They now have a service centre (opened about 2 weeks ago) on Sihanouk Boulevard about 0.5km from the shop shown in the pic on the way to the olympic stadium (on rhs)

    They were pretty good with me and registered the bike for me and got me the plate. If anyone has any Q's i will try my best to answer based on my experience
  3. Appreciate if you can assist to post the GPS coordinates as i intend to visit the shop when at Phnom Penh. Thks
  4. Can anyone guide me how to upload the photo in the post as i can't find any attachement function. Thks
  5. Search THE PLACE 2, Phnom Penh, cambodia on Google maps and you will find it as the KTM shop and the gym are in the same building (same owner)

    GPS coordinates for the main shop are roughly N11°33.314’ E104°55.566’ (on Pasteur Street)

    The service centre is roughly at N11°33.354’ E104°55.083’ (on Sihanouk Boulevard)

    The GPS co-ordinates were taken from my gps at home rather than being on location there but should get you very close
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  7. what are the prices over there?

    Nevermind found them

    200 Duke(2012) = $5950
    690 Duke(2012) = $12937
    250EXC-F(2013) = $11470
    450 SMR(2013) = $12350
    690 SMCR(2012) = $12360
    350 SX-F(2013) = $11120

    Sooo envious... a 690 SMCR for less than 360k baht; Duke 200 for 180k is interesting - a much smaller relative difference to the Thai price?! Seen them around the city they're really cool looking. And apparently selling. All owners I've seen were Thai.
  8. I paid $13,500 for my 2013 500 EXC. The sales guy there said that they are moving a lot of 200 Dukes because of the price point.

    They had a 2013 690 Enduro R in there this week. I was told $13,500 by the sales lady but had been quoted $14,500 by the sales manager prior to the bike comming in so I dont know what the real price is
  9. I was at the KTM dealer in PP last week and they have a showroom full of bikes (and even an stock with more bikes) .... and promotional prices. The Duke 200 2013 model (with ABS) voor 5200us$ .... that is about 100k cheaper as here in Thailand!
    If I would be living there I would be riding an KTM.

    Chang Noi

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