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  1. KTM Vientiane Lat 17.96914 Lon 102.60218

    Grand opening Feb 19 th.

    Promotional prices below. After the 19th more expensive

    They can get the big bikes in and dirt bikes are coming.

    The 690 with out tax is 12,000 USD.

    The bikes are assembled in Cambodia.

    Speak with Eddie. American Lao guy. Very friendly.

    It was a bit funny as a few people passing were more interested in the muddy KXL :)





    Eddie and Cycle Wallah









    May be a good cheaper options to get parts through the back door to Thailand :)

    12k USD with out Tax.

    Second Floor


    Third Floor.. Hang out area..


    Eddie said you can buy a bike cash as a foreigner and registered in your name.
    They also have a work shop to perform servicing

  2. That's good news for biking on Laos.

    Thanks for that.
  3. Thanks for sharing, good to know as I have 690 enduro in Nong Khai. This is the closest dealer for me now.  Do you know how much is the tax in Laos in top of the 12kusd for that 690 Enduro? And is it really assembled in Cambodia? If that is the case, maybe we can see the same in Thailand soon.

    During the Bangkok motor show the new KTM importer "promised" that they will open propoer KTM dealer in Udon in few months. lets see if it will happen.
  4. Don't know how much tax. But if you look at the other bikes with price listed.. You can get an idea of the tax.

    A local here told me he thought the price was too low. Let's see when they go and get the bike registered if the price stays the same as displayed.

    I was told Cambodia by two different people.

    Guess you need to check out the mechanics knowledge and skill.. Had a look. Very small work shop area. They were putting the remaining touches on bikes.. As the shop is new and not officially open.. Looks like no real mechanical work performed yet.


  5. I was at the Vientiane KTM dealership yeaterday to pick up a pair of mirrors. Mine got busted from a drop 2 days back somewhere between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. USD24 for the set.

    I asked about the rear brake master cylinder for my bike too - as I was experiencing brake binding, byt those guys refused to quote or sell me the part, because I dont ride a KTM??!

    You see, the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS shares many similar parts with the KTM Duke 200. They even roll out from the same factory in Pune, India. Unfortunately, they dont have a Bajaj dealership in Laos and I needed the brake part urgently. I looked at the ones on the Duke 200 on display and the parts looked identical - just mounted alightly differently. So i thought I'd like to swap it out.

    Strange way of doung business, if you asked me.
  6. That is pretty interesting.

    When I was there, they seemed more than happy to sell parts to people visiting from across the border in Thailand.

    Will check this out again when next in VTE.

  7. They're NOT against *foreign bikes* - as long as they are KTM's. They just won't sell parts to non-KTM owners.
  8. I was on my klx as my ktm isn't road legal.
    They were happy to order and arrange pick up in vte.

    Something has changed indeed.
  9. You must have a nicer bike than mine then... Hahah..

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