L.E.D. Indicators and Brake/Tail lights

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Linds, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Linds

    Linds Ol'Timer

    Hi all, I i need some advice,
    planning to replace the oem indicators and tail lights on my Klx.
    Any body with advice on connections, was told that i need to install somesort of in-line ohms resistor to make the indicators work.
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  3. Ally

    Ally Ol'Timer

    Hi Linds

    I had swapped my rear flashers for LED & Kawa @ CM sold me a relay, it was easy to fit & stops the fast flashing.

    The old relay is under the seat (roadside, near exhaust) & not behind the headlight as per other online advice you may find. The unit comes with a small diagram, you just need the inclination to get it done ;)

  4. jimboy

    jimboy Ol'Timer

    There's an electrical shop opposite the Shangri-la hotel in Chiang Mai with a wide range of LED bulbs for bikes. It's easy to find, and they're a helpful bunch, too. They should be able to sort out your bike, for less $$$ than the Kawa dealership. A relay should cost around 200-300 baht, LED bulbs there were a few hundred baht when I last checked (less than eBay).

    As for resistors, on older bikes two diodes are required to isolate the indicator light when converting to LED bulbs. They stop current flowing from one side of the indicator circuit to the other side, and hence stop everything flashing together (??!). On a modern bike, conversion to LED's may be anticipated in the circuit design, whereupon additional resistors may be required to compensate for LED's lower internal resistance.

    On reflection, it may be that the Kawa "relay" includes the diodes and/or the resistors. Best to check them out first.
  5. Linds

    Linds Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the replies Ally and Jimboy ,
    i got and installed a set made by DRC , quite easy , the relay also came with wiring instructions just had to install a seperate ground for it.
    Whilst the plastics were off also checked and cleaned everything, nice bit of Motorcycle Zen cures most ailments, all done in the traditional way `InThe Kitchen`.

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  6. jimboy

    jimboy Ol'Timer

    In the kitchen. Good job! :)

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