Ladakh Zanskar - northern India


Jun 28, 2007
In addition to FB666Y's epic report on the same area, ( ... t2896.html), I just dug out & scanned some old pictures from 1987 where I did a similar tour but on foot, thought it might be of interest to some of us..........
Area between Leh and Manali is absolutely amazing both for feet and bike.
Views of mountains & valleys is simply incredible:

Gorges with narrow stone-bridges over raving rivers & ravines:

And rope bridges, walkway laid out in big stones, you go down into the river and will never be seen again by anybody:

Finally up on a pass at 5.800 meters above sealevel during the hot season and standing in snowfall:

So anybody planning to do a motorbike trip there, it is absolutely necessary to plan well ahead and especially for the unexpected. Be aware that during the hot season temperatures can vary from 38'C during the day to -15'C during the night as you are moving at elevations above 2.000 meters the whole time. Cheers, Franz