Lady Bikers Ride: Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai

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  1. Destination: Overnight Trip to Chiang Rai, via Phayao
    Route: 118, 120, 1
    Meeting Place: The Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai crew's rendevous point was the Black Canyon at Mae Kachan, just prior to midday.

    The Ladies Team:
    Ann - Kawasaki ER-6n 650
    Marati - Triumph Speed Triple 675
    Som - Kawasaki ER-6n 650
    Tukata - Honda Shadow 750
    Well - Kawasaki Ninja 650

    The Mens Team
    Ben - Kawasaki Vulcan 900
    Phil - Toyota 4WD

    A nice run out through Wang Neua on 120, and on up to the top of the hills overlooking Phayao and the lake...

    Ladies Team Photo taken at the summit of 120, before the descent to Phayao.
    Left to Right: Well, Marati, Tukata, Ann, Som

    Lunch was at Khrua Thep on the lakefront, where we were joined by the legendary Moto-Rex, homeward bound from everywhere in Thailand after weeks on the road... He'd arrived minutes before us, inbound from Nan :thumbup:
    Photo: courtesy Phil Gibbons) From there, the ride 100kms north to Chiang Rai was at a very brisk pace!!! As tail-end charlie, I can only say that the sight and sound of 5 hot birds on big bikes blasting up Highway 1 was good for the soul.

    Photo: courtesy Phil Gibbons) Tucking in behind them at the traffic lights was amusing.... watching the astonished looks on the faces of the male drivers as it dawned on them that these were GIRL BIKERS!!! Priceless!!! And blast-off on the green lights was impressive, I have to say "Well done, ladies!"

    NB: I have NO idea why The Goddess was trying to 1.) kick me, or 2.) attract my attention
  2. Ladies & Ben this is getting better and better !!!!!! DavidFL get some special "GT-Riders female bigbike gang' shirts done quickly !!! I agree to be partly a sponsor as a freebie give away for them fine Thai Ladies and I'm sure Phil, Ben, John, Gary and some others will join !!!!! This is amazing, again hats off !!! Rgds, Franz
  3. :lol-sign: I have no idea either. Could this be a clue?

    Perhaps she was applying her sole to re-direct your soul to the appropriate one of the 5 hot birds :take-that:

    All these great trip reports are making me impatient.
    Only three and a half weeks until I arrive in CNX for 3 weeks of "dental work" :happy4:
  4. Glad they all returned home safely . Apparently Chaing Rai suffering the effects of a tsunami after their big night out yesterday.
    Eurodiner happy to sponsor the girls T-shirts but knowing the girls the only criteria will be that they are '' super tight " . Might be better to paint them on.

    They are already talking about another ride and hoping that some more " lady" riders will join ..

    Had a chuckle when looking at the pics, most of their luggage tied to the bikes but a few very large looking back packs also - make up & hairdryers perhaps ?

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