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    Hi Fellas,

    We decided to get our visas before arriving at the border. Rather than the run around at a busy border post getting the visa on arrival.

    In the past the website was always quite easy to read and navigate.. But it looks like it is now all in Japanese only.. WTF....

    Lots of googling to make sure I am not getting some rubbish hits.. All links take me back to the site in Japanese.. grrrr

    Anyone know if a URL in English where we can download the application form and have the requirements when applying for a Lao visa in the Lao Embassy Bangkok..

    This is an official site from the Lao gov't stating the website which is all in Japanese...
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  3. TonyBKK

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    I live really close to the Lao embassy- I'll run over there tomorrow and see if I can get the forms. Let's meet later in the week for beers and I'll bring the forms along. Cheers!
  4. guichard

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    If you choose to enter Laos at Huay Khon,north of Nan,on week days thère is no hassle. They are happy to see some customers!
    Cheers, Lung.
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    Looks like the website has been hacked. The forms apparently can be downloaded (first button on left and then the 3rd button down) and then a download seems to be starting but ultimately you get something with a Buddha statue. Also quite a bit on Indonesian restaurants on the site.
  6. brian_bkk

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    Managed to find the application form on my hard drive from last time we applied in Bangkok.
    Also the following in an old email from late 2011. This may have changed.. but should be OK.
    We paid the extra ( total 1,400) to get the visa on the same day.

    An application form filled and signed by the applicant.
    Two recent photographs with size 4 x 6 mm.
    A passport must have at least six months remaining validity.
    1400 baht
    Attached is the Visa Application form for the Lao Bangkok Embassy..
    Download the file and rename the extension from gpx to pdf and it will open up in Abobe PDF viewer and print it off.

    Usually I would do the visa on arrival.. But as there are 4 of us.. and Nong Khai / Vientiane is a busy crossing, we opted to get the Visa's before hand.. save hassle and time.

    Funny thing is.. When I viewed the site through google translater.. It was most about Lao tourism..
    The links I clicked on couldn't translate.. so didn't bother looking any further.
    Suggest you leave that site alone if it has been hacked.. may be trojans / malware etc trying to install on your PC.


    Attached files Lao_visa_form.gpx (122.3 KB)
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    Hi, as my another post on in the forum...

    i m riding a Yamaha XT 250 from singapore n i m in Chiangmai will plan to leave on Monday, as my friend told me there is a way to go into Lao by Nan thru Huay Kon border as izzt abit shorter by this way I guess, as my another rider friend from singapore told me not all broder r allow to cross thru, hope to hear from any answer, thanks...

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