Lao R13 Road Conditions

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  1. Just a note for information: -
    I rode into Laos recently (August 29 through September 7, 2016).
    From Vientiane I followed Route 13 taking the "old" route to Luang Prabang and returned on the "new" highway.
    After recent torrential rain the damage to the roads in the mountains is very evident. There are innumerable slips and washouts and single-lane stretches. In places the water from blocked water tables flows down the road turning it into a creek bed. The new highway has slumped badly in places and one sign informs that the road is "Dangerous" for the next 9 km.
    All very challenging on a road-going FZ150i (I know, I know: I need a bigger bike. Maybe next year!)
    So, the journey needs some extra time and care and the roads, I imagine, will be under repair for some time to come.
    Have fun,
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  2. The Kasi bypass has been waiting for the entire mountain to slip away for quite some time.

    Sounds like it has gotten closer this rainy season :)

    Any pictures by chance?

  3. Sorry Brian, no pictures.
    It was raining "off/on" north-bound and I wasn't in the mood to stop. Took me 9 hours as it was.
    South-bound in the severely damaged sections I was following a mini-bus who was closely following a 6-wheeler truck doing 10km/hr. The fog/mist/drizzle was so thick I could barely see the truck; sometimes it was invisible. (Case of the blind leading the blind).
    As we lost altitude, the fog cleared (logical) but by then we were out of the severely damaged areas.

    One day I will take my time, stop and take pictures but I am saving that for when I get old! (Like golf & fishing 555)

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