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    Then it happened, after thousand of km on Laos roads over 15 years
    Crossed over from bkk to vt, couple of days in vte before heading south to champasak were I reside.
    the usual Thakek loop wich I always find nice and keep you sane, as the 13 is the most boring road in laos.

    One night in Thakek, catch up with friends
    Savanakhet for the same reason,.

    South of savanakhet 20 km down from Paksong songkon I decided to overtake a scooter with two teen girls on it they behaved a bit confusing and no indicatiors flashing just when I was about to pass the scooter it took a sharp turn left and straight in to my right pannier and lifted the whole rear of the bike up in the air, my passenger flew off and landed 6 metres from the first contact point.

    I tried to get control over the bike but ended in the ditch,and finally front wheel hit a drainage pipe me landed two metres from the bike but was quick to get up as the speed was under 50 I was not to fucked up I thought.

    I ran back and checked the pillon and controled that kegs could move and that she was conchious.,she was in great pain but not dead.
    A private van took us back towards savanakhet to paksong where there is a very small hospital.
    I walked in to the hospital on my legs pillon on a stretcher.
    I discussed with the staff at the hospital after we got the x ray and decided to get a ambulance to pakse wich is 170 km from Paksong songkon.
    1.5 m kip later we here in our way to pakse, I could not walk out from that hospital
    Neither in to pakse hospital.,
    Pillon was comited to hospital but it was full so I decided to get ambulance to take me home to the family, I made sure I had a guard by my bed all night in case of inner bleeding.

    3 days later I was back on my knees pissing in a toilet
    Parents of the two girls was constantly on the phone eager to settle this matter,
    Politely we refused to talk about it until we both were back on our feet walking.

    3 weeks went by and the import permit on the bike was about to expire and we had to go back to crash site.
    1000 bth penalty is not something i wanted, nice chat with police.
    Parents of the kids came to negotiate they offered 300 us
    We laught and Said lawsuit and court, they ended up paying 1000'us,.
    Off we went with bus to savanakhet and meet an old French friend jerome, he knew a guy that took the wreck of my hands for 700 $,

    Custom wanted pictures of wreck and I had a police report that the bike was fucked.





    They said keep pictures and police report, u should not have any problems later taking a new bike over custom and immigration Dont talk together she said
    Thai side she said wouldn't be a problem either with letter from the police

    Now back in Pakse looking for a vfr 1200 lol

    The dent in the petrol tank is my left testicle


    End of story, the two girls did not suffer any major damage, they where both 13 yo and no license ofcource and motorcycle no insurance or reg.

    My Laos insurance will pay the med bills and ambulance fee.

    If this had happened in Thailand I think it's a risk that I would be hold responsible for the whole thing

    If Ive been in a Bentley Rols Royse or lexus the kids wouldn't be alive today
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    That's an amazing escape & story.
    I sincerely hope that Joy, your pillion passenger is ok too now.
    Both of you are extremely lucky.

    What I've noticed in Laos nowadays is the number of vehicles on the road & drivers / riders with no real sense of road traffic sense or safety.
    I was recently on R13S too from Tha Khek to Savan, for the Savanannakhet Fun festival & was astounded by the amount of traffic on the road down there.
    I was last down there justb 3 or 4 years ago; but you really do need to watch your game & stay alert all the time. The roads are not empty anymore, as you too will have noticed. The good ól days are gone.

    What was the insurance company you were with?
    What coverage did you have?
    I always try to get the maximum 3rd party you can get for the time I'm in the country.
    I've never had to test it out yt & always wonderedhow you would go in a claim / accident, but it does sem as if it does work with the limited amount of coverage you get.

    I'm interested know you go with Thai customs now & the temporary export permit.
    Does showing them photos of the wrecked bike clear you in the computer?

    Many thanks for the report.

    Both of you get well soon.
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    Hope both make a full recovery
  4. Ian Bungy

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    Wow! That is a seriously Smashed Bike! Hope You have a speedy recovery and bloody shame for the loss of a good bike! All the best to You both.
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    If your testicle did that to the tank you really do have big balls Seriously glad you survived and handled it so well a really nasty crash.
    Safe riding
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    Oh wow..I am so sorry that happened to you, and glad everyone was ok in the end, despite the recovery period and write-off.
    Always chilling to read these stories. Safe travels ..
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    blimey thats nasty accident glad ur ok sad about the bike ,, will you lose out financially ??
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    Thats a bad accident mate. Hopefully you both will be able to recover 100 %, take the time neccesary.
    A new bike can be purchased, so a chance to try out something new.

    But what the heck - two 13 year kids on a scooter without plates, license, insurance, etc etc...? The absolutely worst part is that I think youre quite right that if this had happend in Thailand you would be responsible. At least they would have tried all that they could to blame it on you....

    Note for future riding trips: Remember to drain your testicles a bit more often so that they dont make such a mess on the gas tank....:D:p;)
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