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    PHNOM PENH, April 13 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia and Laos have opened a new border gate to improve trade and tourism, at the eve of the Khmer New Year which falls on April 14-16, said national television TVK on Monday.

    "This new gate will provide more chances for trade exchange and tourism growth, and eventually benefit the two countries," Tram Iev Tek, Cambodia Minister of Public Works and Transportation, was quoted by the state-run Television Kampuchea (TVK) as telling the inauguration ceremony last week.

    It will also help promote the economic cooperation within the Great Mekong Sub-region, he added.

    The border gate is situated between the Trapaing Kreal area in Stung Treng province of Cambodia and the Nong Nokkhien area in Champasak province of Laos.

    Also last week, Cambodia and Laos agreed to open some of their provinces for mutual transportation in order to facilitate trade and economic development.

    According to the agreement, all Laotian vehicles can travel to Siem Reap province and capital city of Phnom Penh of Cambodia, and all Cambodian vehicles to Pakse province and capital city of Vientiane of Laos.

    Comment: Ok they've got me - where is it?
  2. Davidfl, Thank for your new information.

    Can I have some question?

    Can I across this border with Motobike (Thai registered) from Laos to Cambodia?

    And wher is exact bordr point. I want to know the the exact point & Road NO..
  3. The only border crossing I can think of is the existing one east of Veunkham (the land crossing) which is also known as the Dong Kralor / Trapeang Kreal - Stung Treng Province crossing.

    The Chinese were building a new road and new border crossing buildings there last year and I assume that these are now ready and have been officially opened. This picture shows the road under construction at the Dong Khralor Border crossing.


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  4. For motorbike crossing read the recent postings on the Lao/Cambo border crossing at: ... t5566.html

    With regard to its exact location, this is difficult to answer. If you come from Pakxe, take Rd 13 to the south and keep om driving. A bit past the Khone Phapeang waterfall keep on straight on Rd 13 to the south (don't take the turnoff to Veunkham) and in theory you can't miss the border crossing.

    The same is valid for the Cambodia side - from Stoeng Treng (wonder if the new bridge over the river is now also open) take Rd 7 to the north and keep on this road for about 56 km and you should hit the border posts.
  5. 1241793818_IMGP2697.jpg

    Veun Kham


    Dong Calor


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