Laos jan 2011 anybody out there riding?

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  1. Hi new to this site and social networking in general so if this is posted in wrong place do let me know. Basicallty setting of from vietianne tommorow (7th jan) on 250xtr rented from jules bikes. Generally travelling north will have more info on the route after figuring it out over a couple of beers in the bar today. If there are people out there who fancy hooking up for a few beers or for the more adventourous foreys into the jungle possibly on unknown status roads then drop me a line as its always good to have someone looking out for you and visa versa. If you drop a line will give more info on route and so on. basically just wandering who is out there

  2. The route: presently in luang parabang

    leaving 11th to nong kiew 1 day rest 13th to vieng thong 14th vieng xai 15th back to vieng thong 16th phonsovan, 17th 2 days off 19th paxan 20th back to veitianne . of course these dates are not set in stone and may as yet extend travel plans or dates may change due to unforseen circumstances and lets face it this is laos so i dont expect it all to run acording to a strict schedule. Had a good ride up to luang parabang met upand travelled with a couple of brirts for 2 days who i randomly met in jungle but thier route was different and i do fancy following the above list of locations as the riding i expect to be good as well as some distractions avaliable at most locations. Same still applies anyone on that route? Have friends to hook up with in phonsovan but other than that invitations to beers alwayus welcome!

  3. Hi, Will be in Laos mid feb then end up in Chang Mai for the toy ride, will be leaving Thailand Chong Mek from Ubon if you still around or can do it in reverse and leave after the Toy Ride.
  4. from one fat lad to another will be out of laos by then but stay in touch as the toy ride sounds of interest. when i hit civilisation again will drop you a line or 6 presently in northern laos. its absolutly freezing cold so if your heading that way dress for the artic. Braking is impared when you cant feel your fingers!
  5. Aha. So it is considerably cooler than what we discussed in Vientiane at Thierry's Jules Classic Bikes. Any idea what the early morning temps are?
  6. The thermometer in phonsovan read 8 degrees this morning and doesnt lift much above that till the sun comes out and thats if the sun comes out! I would guess further north looking at the mountains it would feel a whole lot colder in the clouds and at higher altitude. Bloody freezing to ride in 4 tops, gloves and a windproof layer and still pretty uncomfortable to ride in. Having said that you probably have better gear than me! Looking for longjohns at the market this evening! Its the lack of the suns warming effects that gets me so if its overcast stays cold . Riding to phonsovan was ok as sun was out !
  7. I'm in Luang Prabang headed to Luang nam tha..near chinese border..leaving sat 26th feb..any-one interested in hooking up or any advise r.e routes?

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