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  1. Hi Guys,

    Awaiting delivery of my Zumo 660 from the US..

    In the mean time just wondering if anyone has any good experience / recommendation for a Laos map that can be loaded on to the GPS?

    A shop in Bangkok offered to load a Lao map for 500 baht (from the Internet). If I can find out what it is will do that myself or if reasonably priced.. Buy it.

  2. i am very courious why the two previous post have been deleted, as most people on this form are on the top side off 50, i feel its up to every man or woman to make his or her owm mind up, should they want to buy legit/scammed or cracked copies.
    I have bought/ donated to rotwelier maps before and there is nowt wrong with their products.
    I do wonder about people controling these forums, are they mini dictators at work here, and what has happened to freedom of speach.
    Or are people receiving back handers for recomending Eagle GPS
    If this post is deleted then it will be the last from me.
  3. GT Rider was involved in compiling a Laos GPS map.
    The map is available via Eagle GPS.

    For some more background
    no need for any great discussion.
  4. Yeah fair call.. One of the reasons I'm into riding in Asia is to get out of an overly regulated controlled country named Australia..
  5. There are a few 'free' Open source maps out there too..
    I did some googling and found this site.. will give the Laos maps a try.
    You can donate if you like the product and you can contribute some of your tracks to improve the Maps for all.

    Where I can I prefer to support opensource community driven software.

    Have not looked at this site in detail yet.
    Miguel's Nong Hoi

    A friend of mine said he found excellent maps.. free / not hacked or cracked. Can't remember the name, when I get the name will post it.

  6. Well as i have never heard about EAGLE GPS Thailand i thought i best have a look, but must admitt these guys are having a laught, bought my 62s UK deliverd here no tax 10340 Baht, Eagle GPS 25500 Baht, looked at the Garmin 660 mentioned first in the thread Australia 22000 Baht, Eagle GPS 39000 Baht ???
    Maybe i am green but no bloody frog, this is why they are the flavor of the day.
    And no i have not had a drink.
    So do your own research, and if you are a sheep you can look a Eagle GPS.
  7. Those are the Thai OS versions. They also sell ones which they import themselves from the USA for around 16,000 (for the 62s), which isn't a bad price when you take into account tax and shipping etc..
  8. Hi Fatlad,
    Sorry this thread has upset You so much? Like all things in Thailand nothing is the same as in Our Home countries but the Good Outweighs the Bad in most Cases that's why most People live here? Anything imported is Subject to Get Raped by Government Tax so if Business Owners do everything by the Book to ensure they keep on the Right side of the Authorities then their Products cost Considerably More? As in the Case of Eagle GPS. I have used them and their Service has been Excellent! I know they cost More but when You need something and want Service that's the Price You have to Pay? Same as some Motorcycles here. Twice the Price to other Countries? By the Way I have also Brought a GPS online and just got the Maps here and no Problems. Just about anything can be found on eBay or brought through the Internet now so that is an option for a lot of People if the Local Prices seem to High? Of Course sometimes You will have to Pay the Tax/Duty Yourself when the Product Arrives but not in every case as they do let it through occasionally if You are Lucky!!
  9. Also whats being missed (or only hinted at above) is that the Thai OS versions come through a controlled supply line.. That supply line locks it tight because the new garmin features (Junction View, 3D buildings and maybe Lane assist) only work on Thai OS units.. Its the way ESRI have locked the maps to an OS version and are (apparently) involved with the Garmin import so hold a premium value over non Thai units and grey imported but sold in Thailand units.

    I have had a series of long arguments with Garmin HQ's as I think it stinks they sell a unit claiming its junction view, 3d, etc compatible but it isnt, not totally so anyway.. I have no idea if them dropping ESRI in favor of the SEA series of maps has anything to do with this, but I still think its poor long term practice. The reason Garmin is great is its user community and global reach for maps, if they fragment the mapping so only some units run some maps and features they drastically detract from the overall 'value' of the brand. Their comment is you cant blame them, its ESRI locking it (yet they provided ESRI with the tools to do so) and to use their maps, despite the fact that the SEA maps are far inferior and dont even have the same JCV / 3D / Etc features.. Its like saying this unit is compatible, but the maps we supply dont have it, and the only ones in the world that do have it, are not compatible. Thats some sneaky fine print.
  10. So why delete the posts??? simple question.
    Dont try to justify this crap.
    Ian growup
    Yes Ian i lived 14 years in NZ but no sheep, unlike some posting here
  11. Hi Fatlad, I don't know anything about Deleted Posts or Justifying crap? I was just trying to point out the Reason for High Pricing of various things in Thailand? Sorry if I upset You, not intentional.

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