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    On the recent 2013 GTR Mekong Boat Trip everyone got 1 weeks 3rd party insurance on the way in via the agent we used in Chiang Khong.
    1 week was not enough for me & as Im a regular to Laos I thought it easier to bite the bullet & take out maximum 3rd party insurance for a year to save time & hassles each time you go on.

    So for the record it costs 1,850 baht / 482,945 kip for 12 months.


    and the pay outs are as below


    How well it works I've yet to test (& dont want to) but for me it saves a lot of time, provides more peace of mind knowing that you've got the maximum coverage & over 12 months it is not a lot of money.

    Check it out with AGL.
  2. I'm with Toko Assurance and have 1st Class cover which pays for damage to my own bike as well, the price for that was just over one million Kip.

    I think that the insurance is quite good here in all honesty, my wife's friend keeps damaging her car, I.e. reversing in to bollards etc... And has had no problem so far and has claimed around 3 times in the last year!!!
  3. Bump for people asking about insurance - how much does it cost?
  4. In VTN I paid 1100 bath for one year for the CRF250 with AIG.
    The office at the Nan border is usually closed for some reason.
  5. For nan border you need to go in to town.
    They don't sell insurance in the shacks any more.
    When I crossed. The place in town was closed and didn't end up getting insurance until houe Xai
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    Do you have an approx location in town? I couldn't spot one last time, and bought it at Hongsa the first time, when I stopped there on another trip, they didn't sell me one anymore.
    For the few who are able to cross the Phudu-crossing, there's a Lao-Viet branch where they have the few shophouses, just before leaving.
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  8. FYI 125CC+ cover & rates provided by AGL remain unchanged as of May 2018:

    Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 14.14.33.

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