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  1. Hello

    New member here. I've come across some allegations that you need a special permit for driving in Laos. Is this correct? If so, is this permit obtained at the Cambodia-Laos border, or should I arrange this beforehand - lets say - somewhere in Cambodia?

    Any other advices for this border crossing?

    All replies will be highly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  2. I have never gone into laos, but in the past some friends went in from the cambodia side north of stung treng. lao visa required. they put together a paper on their own stating their names, passport numbers and bike info. the paper also said that the purpose of the trip was purely tourism and there was no intent on selling the bikes. they then got a stamp from a customs and excise ministry here and had no problems. I also had a report of guys who had cambodia bikes and went in via thailand and then sold their bikes is laos.
  3. Eriks,

    I have crossed into Laos several times from Vietnam and twice from Cambodia. I was never asked for anything at the border nor did I get any paperwork from them, they just don't seem to care. Having all your papers in order as per visa, bike reg, and plans is important and if you go out the Streung Treng border, stop in town and get the exit stamps or at least talk to the customs man there.

    Laos is easy and the only real set up border crossing I have crossed is into Thailand at Nhon Khai.

    Ride Safe
  4. I realize I've been a bit quick making a post about this topic, and that there are much information on this site already. But thanks for your inputs. All info is appreciated.

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