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    I am coming over to Singapore in January from the UK. My friend a Singaporean and myself plan to ride from Singapore, Central Malaysia and then onto Laos. Hopefully across the friendship bridge.
    I am trying to confirm if i can get a visa at the border crossing and if we wanted to could we exit at a different border crossing.
    Any further information would be gratefully appreciated. Geoff.C. in the UK.
    Laos has no embassy in the UK.
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  3. Auke

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    Have a look at for some info on border crossing from Thailand to Laos.

    As far as I know you can not enter with a motorbike at the Friendship bridge and at the bridge in Savannaketh (check at this board for the latest info).

    At some, but not all, border crossings you can get a visa on arrival. Google to find out at which border crossings you can get a visa-on-arrival.
  4. pee

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    You can exit Lao through the Friendship Bridge -not enter... Don't ask me why. It's basically a one way bridge for motorbikes. A good way to handle the problem is to enter Lao further north: Chiang-Khong, Houay Xay. Then explore what you feel like in the north, ride then south and exit Lao through Friendship Bridge or even further South: Pakse-Chon Mek.
  5. Craypot

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    My understanding was that only Thai and Lao bikes are restricted on crossing the Friendship bridge (Nong Khai - Vientiane) every other plated bike is ok.
    Re visa on arrival. All International border crossings are ok for visa on arrival. But to avoid the queues get your visa some place else.
  6. pee

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    Indeed my bike is Thai plated. I can't tell for other bikes. Sorry if I have missleaded you.

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