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  1. I'm planning a 10-12 day trip with a small group of Vientiane based expats. We have all worked/ lived in Laos for a few years so despite having read every message on this website regarding Laos-Vietnam border crossings, we all know that there are often 'ways and means' to achieve the seemingly impossible. Plan is to cross into Vietnam at Dan Savan(L)-Lao Bao(V) in Savvanakhet province, hit the beach, head north and then reenter Laos at any available crossing (Luang Prabang, Houa Phan or Xieng Khouang). I will be riding my XR 250 and the rest will be BAJAs hired from PVO. I am hoping for the most up to date information. Any inside information would be greatly appreciated. One friend is flying from New Zealand to do it so WE HAVE TO GET IN! [AND OUT!] We plan to depart from Vientiane no later than 1-February. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Ben
    Good to hear you from you again.
    I dont like your chances getting into Vietnam, but maybe you guys "in the know" over there will have a bit more luck.
    Personally I'd be inclined to have a go at one of the newer northern crossings, - either Nam Kahn from Phonsavan or Nae Meo from Xam Neua, raher than the more used (& probably abused) ones in the south.
    Take a look at the latest posts
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    on the Luang Prabang / Dien Bien Phu crossing, if you want to be a little more confused. I know that I am! But you'll never really know until you get to the border & have a crack at it; so for me nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Whatever, have a good trip & let us know you go with a report.

    P.S. Did any of you guys meet that Czech Aussie guy on the KLR650 who claimed to get in to China from Boten / Mohan a few months ago? Supposedly he went in & returned to Vte, but I dont know anyone who met the guy or can confirm it.

    Keep the power on
  3. Ben,

    I've been in Savan for quite a few years and I yet to meet anybody who has successful crossed at Dengsavanh - Lao Bao on anything over 175 cc ... unless they are Viet or Lao ... of course. When do you plan to do this trip. I could be interested for a few days. I know heaps of good rides around Khammouane and Savannakhet.


    Kiwi from Savan
    020 5540330[:p]
  4. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the details. If you check out 'Vietnam' forum you'll find out info on how to get your Lao-registered bike into Vietnam via Lak Xao/ Cau Treo border.

    As it was, only Phil (another Kiwi) and I went to VTM. Another 5 guys did Ho Chi Minh trail section from Lak Xao to Sepon.

    If I'm in the area I'll call in and we can do a ride together.

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