laos visa in phnom penh

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  1. i live in cambodia and i plan to do a trip to laos. how long does it take to get a visa in phnom penh and how much is the price?
  2. you might want to try a travel agent, you can't throw a stick without hitting one.

    A mound is a terrible thing to waste
  3. One of the travel agents at Riverside organised a Lao visa for me. He told me the Lao embassy wasn't the easiest one to deal with, and it took over a week. He didn't charge much for doing it. Most of the cost was the standard visa fee.
  4. Hii

    No need visa from Embassy (get at border) except if go the road North of Stung Streng to Pakse.
    Take 48 h 3 picture and 40 US$. 50$ get it in 12 hours!!


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