Laos Volunteer Foundation - Vientiane


Mar 30, 2010
Went for a ride around VTE playing tourist today with Cycle Wallah.

He stopped at the Volunteer Foundation and told me a bit about the place.

How / Why it was set up and how they actually helped him when he had an accident.

Basically.. If you are in VTE and have an accident..

Dial 1623 

The same number on the fire truck licence plate.

It is up to you if you make a donation for the help given.

I made a donation and hope I never need to call on it !

Lat 17.97532 Lon 102.63692
Just next to That Luang.. If you have some spare kip or baht, why not stop by..



Once Cycle's GTR account is set up. He will give more information on this Farang / Lao volunteer organisation.



Cycle Wallah

Jan 30, 2016
Lao P.D.R.
Unfortunately I've had occasion to use this service when I was ran over on my mountain bike. They are very professional and helpful and are all volunteers trained by a french paramedic/firefighter from Paris. They rely entirely on donations and I was happy to donate after the help they gave me during my accident and after. The boss went out of his way to locate my bike after it had been taken to the village office then the local police compound. And also the volunteers at the station at That Luang were just as helpful in finding my bike. They actually wanted to administer first aid on me as they thought I had just been hurt!

Like Brian says if you need assistance in Vientiane call 1623. Do not ring 1624 as this is a money making ambulance service who will charge. They even made their ambulances look the same as Vientiane Rescues.

Here is a link to Vientiane Rescue Facebook page;