Laos War Videos - The Rescue of Raven 1-1


Mar 5, 2006
The Rescue of Raven 1-1

Amidst the controversy of the Vietnam War and the military efforts in the area,
a pilot flying for a secret division of the armed forces in Southeast Asia was shot down and stranded.
'The Rescue of Raven 1-1' is a short documentary telling the story of the day he was shot down,
the Air America pilot who rescued him, and their reunion years later.

Dec 27, 2007
Wow, wow, wow, what an amazing story! That bottle was a long time coming! These videos also provide an interesting insight into the American involvement in Laos. Thanks so much for sharing!
Sep 1, 2011
If you have the chance to go to Vientiane, visit the Laos National Museum. It is in a large, run down French colonial building and it is generally, pretty daggy. The ground floor contains exhibits of palaeontology and archaeology which are not too flash. Upstairs however, the exhibit is very confronting. I guess the museum has had little money spent on it in 30 years. The exhibits dealing with the Indochinese war are all very old and poorly displayed. This is their charm.

Old weapons which were used by farmers in the field to shoot down US aeroplanes and choppers, artifacts used by the communist leaders during the conflict. And photographs of "The American imperialist aggressors and their puppets", adorn the walls with disparaging captions about LBJ and others. The fascination is that the emotion of the Laos population at the time is openly displayed in a very raw fashion. As an Aussie, I felt distinctly uncomfortable...I should imagine Americans would feel even more so.

4 tons of bombs per man, woman and child in Laos were dropped in an ongoing campaign which saw the US drop more tonnage of bombs on Laos than they dropped in all theatres, during the whole of WW2.

One day, the government will upgrade the museum and I think the emotion of the 70s will disappear. It is well worthwhile seeing in it's current state.

It's a little spooky.