Last Man Standing and two guys out of control

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  1. So here we go again... George and me decided to have a go at "Last Man Standing". At 10 am we took off and cruised around behind the Night Safari, to see if we could find some more connecting trails. No, nothing new. The 53 teeth rear sprocket on my XR plus the new Yoshimura (Copy) exhaust made riding my bike so much more fun, a little noisy I must admit. Everything went smooth uphill, the terrain was even rougher after all the rain we had around here. The we met two guys on mountain bikes climbing the hill...I never seen anybody doing this...downhill ok...but uphill with a mountain bike. At the canyon where the road splits we stopped and talked a little. A few minutes later the guys with the mountain bikes arrived.

    We chatted a little and discussed which track would be more appropriate for them. So now we where ready for the final section and the steep hill climb on LMS. No problems at all. For the first time I made it up in one go without stopping. George had more trouble with his bike ( as usual). Anyway he still made it up with a few stops on different levels. The next section was a very rocky terrain with moss on top of it, the soil felt like quick sand and our tires kept spinning without much traction. This section was about 100 m and took about 45 minutes to we were quiet confident that nothing could stand in our way to make it up there...Wrong, so wrong. When we crossed the small waterfall just before another hill climb I could sense that the condition of the terrain was just too bad...nevertheless we tried to continue.

    This section took about another hour or so, several attempts to get up there were unsuccessful. We couldn't get enough speed to get bike going, no traction whatsoever....It must have been my 6th or 7th attempt, when I finally made it in one go. George couldn't believe it. We pulled his bike up with a rope, which safe us a little time.

    Pheeeeeww, another section behind us. A few corners further we were stuck at another hill climb we the same kind of surface as I mentioned before...I was exhausted, mostly from pulling G's bike and running up and down the hill. To our regret we had no choice then turning around the
    section was impossible to climbs with out bikes and I had enough pulling already. We just turned around. On the way back we stopped at the waterfall and I took a bath in my combat gear...

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  2. Good Stuff Rudi, Looks like George needs to work on some Fitness, He looks knackered in the Photos? I like Your Nice New Private Spa!
  3. Ian, long time we haven't seen....need to come around the X-center another time, the Private Spa was the best I ever had and free too. I think we both need to work on some fitness...I was just as knackered as him, if you fight against a mountain and at the end you loose it is frustrating, the only thing that keeps me alive then, is writing a trip report and sharing those photos....see you soon

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