Late August Riding 2011

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  1. Hi ,Im looking on bringing 3 friends up to do a week long Road bike trip around Chaing mai,Nan,mai sai ,chaing Rai ect at the end of August. All are experienced Riders from Australia and I have done a lot of trips in North Thailand,Cambodia ect.
    My Question is how wet is it likley to be this year at the end of August. We dont really mind if there is a bit of rain but if its going to be torrential everyday,I am thinking I might be better taking them riding out of Bangkok and heading to Surin or Kanchan or somewhere else.I know where not weather forecasters but Any Advise from riders up north would be greatly appreciated..Cheers Ant
  2. Thanks David ,thats about what I thought ,going to be luck of the draw...Cheers
  3. I believe on average it rains more in the South than North around August time and Bangkok area rains just about every afternoon - most times rains from 30 t0 60 minutes, so time for coffee or just chill, hope this helps.

    Cheers Ken F

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